Statkraft withdraws from hydroelectric project due to impact on Mapuche

Javascript is disabled in your web browser. Please, to see this site correctly, enable javascript. To view instructions for enabling javascriptin your browser, click here. The company Statkraft Chile reported on Thursday its decision not to carry out the Osorno hydroelectric project, which was in the process of being re-evaluated, as a result of the … Read more

Public Scenario: “Oratorio per Eva” by Roberto Zappalà for the project “Individual and spirituality”

CATANIA – Exalting the choreographic language declined in the feminine: this is the guideline of the season programmed by Roberto Zappalà, founder and artistic director of Scenario Pubblico/ Compagnia Zappalà Danza, a prestigious reality recently elevated by the Ministry of Culture to the rank of “Centre of significant interest ”, recognition attributed in the contemporary … Read more

Between flowers and votive aedicules: the Floràlia project illuminates Recontemporary

The young artists Fortune DeNardo And Lorenzo Peluffo are the protagonists of the new personal exhibition da Recontemporarycurated by the Ghёddo association. An immersive exhibition that was born in the context of Brand new+the first edition of the announcement TO.BE dedicated to the professional growth of emerging artists, coming from a training course at the … Read more

The innovative project of the GAL Patavino for the promotion of the Euganean Hills and the Bassa Padovana starts again

Monselice, 3 January 2023 – A new year, a new edition and many new activities for the project #DaiColliallAdige of the GAL Padovano which restarts after the success of the 2021-2022 season with the usual very rich offer of events and initiatives aimed at promoting the heritage, landscape and culture of the area that goes … Read more

Open Cultural Data Hackathon, the European event within the Pa.CE project dedicated to startups, businesses and freelancers under 35

Activity 3.4 Digitization of documents concerning the issues covered by PITEM PACE and the ALCOTRA program for any type of computer support and free of rights. The digitized material on the project topics from the partners is the following: – Editorial materials referring to historical newspapers: – Photographic materials from the funds: Gallery of Modern … Read more

The Ukrainian mimes Dekru at the Teatro Feronia in San Severino Marche with the SIC project ⋆ Latest news from Marche and Piceno: Chronicle, Sport, Events

Readings: 39 SAN SEVERINO MARCHE – After the sold outs recorded in the three dates scheduled between the end of October and December, the new cycle of appointments of the SIC / Circus Innovation Building at the Feronia Theater in San Severino Marche (MC) with the Ukrainians Dekru that they bring to the stage … Read more

Jordan: a 100 million dollar project for the site of the baptism of Christ

Jordan has big ambitions for the future of Al-Maghtas, the alleged historic site of Christ’s baptism. Objective: attract one million visitors by 2030. Do you know that Aleteia lives only thanks to the generosity of its readers? I GIVE Aleteia really needs you The year 2030 will mark the bimillenary of the baptism of Christ … Read more

Power plant project in Guyana: the Amerindian delegation received at the National Assembly

For their last day in Paris, the representatives of the Amerindian community Kali’na exchanged this Tuesday with the Polynesian deputies and those of the NUPES, about their fight against the location of the power plant of West Guyana (CEOG ). The company behind the project denounces for its part false information. A deputy and a … Read more

Arica: Environmental alert due to admission in the SEIA of a mining drilling project in a National and Biosphere Reserve

After the alert raised by the Association of Shrimp Farmers and the Aymara Indigenous Community of Umirpa for the admissibility of the entry into the Environmental Assessment System of the Environmental Impact Statement of the “Sofia” project (Canadian company Andex Minerals Chile SpA) in the sector from the mallku Anocarire, different socio-environmental organizations expressed their … Read more