Mapuche Nation. In a Patagonian meeting, the following demanded: “Freedom for Mapuche political prisoners, demilitarization of the territory of Lof Lafken Winkul Mapu” and it was defined that “the solution is political”

Latin American Summary, December 4, 2022 Of Nomads communication LINKED NOTE Furilofche Mapu mew, inal Nawel wapi Lafken, epe apoy kuyen (Bariloche, Río Negro) We communicate to all our Mapuche people and to society in general. On the weekend of November 26 and 27, a fvta trawn was carried out in this territory. This was … Read more

Maria Hervás: “Yerma is the claim of freedom and life”

Text – Albert Roca. Photographs by Albert Roca-J.Ladiv. This Friday, November 18, it opens barren by Federico García Lorca, directed by Juan Carlos Martel Bayod, at the Teatre Lliure and which can be seen until December 16. The actress Maria Hervás plays the protagonist Yerma, and who she hopes will be “the first of many … Read more

Emilia Attias and the Turk Naim Sibara: a hidden camera, 18 years of love with freedom, three weddings and a daughter


They met recording a hidden camera of video match, 18 years ago. And although it was not a crush, they had chemistry and began to frequent each other, they became friends and fell in love. Emilia Attias and the Turk Naim Sibara they are 21 years apart, but that difference is just a detail in … Read more

Freedom as divine law


Freedom is not a natural state, it needs frames and structures. In the Bible, three thousand years before Montesquieu, the Hebrew people secured their freedom by establishing the separation of judicial, religious and political powers… In the Bible, freedom is the first affirmation before enunciating the ten words (ten commandments) that summarize God’s law: “I … Read more

Phase, on the radio the new single Per come sei tu: “ I tell the soul and freedom of people ”


Advertisement From Friday 28 October 2022, “Per come sei tu”, the new single from Phase in collaboration with Irene Sanguineti (prominent tiktoker, which deals with issues related to the theme of the song on the social profile, is available in radio rotation and on all streaming platforms ). “As you are” deals with a very … Read more

Art, the last form of freedom: Beppe D’Onghia guest of Profondouman


Beppe D’onghia THE INTERVIEW The Deep Human festival, with the subtitle Inhabiting the world poetically, continues its meetings dedicated to the interior and to human spirituality. Next appointment Friday 23 September at 9 pm in the Giorgio Busca theater, with the title When music is poetry. The recited part is by the Albese actor Paolo … Read more

Patrick Goujon winner of the 2022 Interior Freedom Prize for “Prayer not to abuse”


Thirty years of anti-inflammatories, we stop. Will you allow me to take care of you? I’ll refer you to our pain center. Patrick Goujon, plagued by chronic back pain since childhood, was saved by these words. The new therapy offered to him and the let me take care of you pronounced by his rheumatologist led … Read more

Poetry is another word for freedom, says Cărtărescu on winning FIL Prize


Mariana Gonzalez-Marquez Guadalajara (Mexico), 5 Sep. Poetry is a word to name freedom and understanding, especially in the current times of pandemic and unjust wars, Romanian poet Mircea Cărtărescu said this Monday after revealing the ruling of the 2022 FIL Prize for Literature in Romance Languages ​​in Mexico. . “We need poetry a lot not … Read more