¿’Sound of Freedom’ es una buena película o es pura propaganda?

‘Sound od Freedom’ está en los cines. Aquí están cinco razones para darle una oportunidad, más allá de las controversias. Por fin se estrenó ‘Sound of Freedom’, también llamada ‘Sonido de libertad’. Luego de las polémicas previas, es el momento de que el espectador de Ecuador la mire y saque sus propias conclusiones. ¿Es una … Read more

‘Sound of Freedom’, recorded in Colombia, a US$100 million box office success

‘Sound of Freedom,’ a movie about child sex trafficking, has become an unlikely summer hit, drawing interest from conservatives as critics mock its star’s links to QAnon. The film, a dramatized account of activist Tim Ballard’s efforts to rescue children from the sex trade, has grossed $100 million in US theaters since its July 4 … Read more

Harry Potter: the sacred, freedom… What spirituality to give to the saga?

In the Harry Potter saga, spirituality is far from absent and is displayed in an original and very current way. On the occasion of a large immersive exhibition on his universe, which will take place in Paris from April 21 to October 1, 2023, and the announcement of a new television series, we take a … Read more

Ideas. True nonviolence is an expert in truth and freedom

Truth is not a matter of knowledge alone, certainly not of a knowledge understood in a very limited way as an adequacy between intellect and thing. Truth is experimental, but not in the sense of the need to pursue it through an experiment, which produces what it intends to prove through a limitation of technically … Read more

Mapuche Nation. Upon completing 10 years of political prison, they demand the freedom of Machi Celestino Córdova / They also ask for the community members detained in Bariloche

Latin American Summary, January 4, 2023 Machi Celestino Córdova, January 3, 2023.- «For national and international public knowledge. For the original peoples of the world, the Mapuche people and all their expressions of resistance. We come to inform you of the following: To the After 10 years of political prison of our ancestral spiritual authority … Read more

The adventure of Gabriele Gottardo: from Liguria to India by motorbike, with a great desire for freedom

delhi. “This trip is different from all the others because I have no obligations to fulfill. I don’t have a return ticket.” Gabriel Gotthard and his backpack, on his shoulder. From Celle Ligure to India and, for the first time, free and without tasks. Him, the bike. Markets. Crowd. Colors. The cars and the orderly … Read more

“The State”, “freedom”, “defending one’s rights”: here are the subjects of the bac philo 2022

This is the last straight line for the 2022 baccalaureate. Some 520,000 high school students take the dreaded philosophy test on Wednesday morning, in the context of an exceptional heat wave throughout France. Since 8 a.m., final year students from general and technological high schools have been working on three subjects of their choice (two … Read more

Mapuche Nation. In a Patagonian meeting, the following demanded: “Freedom for Mapuche political prisoners, demilitarization of the territory of Lof Lafken Winkul Mapu” and it was defined that “the solution is political”

Latin American Summary, December 4, 2022 Of Nomads communication LINKED NOTE Furilofche Mapu mew, inal Nawel wapi Lafken, epe apoy kuyen (Bariloche, Río Negro) We communicate to all our Mapuche people and to society in general. On the weekend of November 26 and 27, a fvta trawn was carried out in this territory. This was … Read more

Maria Hervás: “Yerma is the claim of freedom and life”

Text – Albert Roca. Photographs by Albert Roca-J.Ladiv. This Friday, November 18, it opens barren by Federico García Lorca, directed by Juan Carlos Martel Bayod, at the Teatre Lliure and which can be seen until December 16. The actress Maria Hervás plays the protagonist Yerma, and who she hopes will be “the first of many … Read more