Myriam Mihindou at La Verrière: a therapeutic work in times of crisis

After Augmented dream tactics, Guillaume Désanges, for his last exhibition at La Verrière, before being replaced by Joël Riff, invites us to heal the world through the curative work of Myriam Mihindou. Title Epidermis, the exhibition encourages us to rethink our relationship to nature, to the living through therapeutic works that remind us of the … Read more

Prototype: Third Time’s The Charm

The new event album of one of the greatest figures of the revival of Jamaican reggae is finally available. prototype released today his album titled Third Time’s The Charm (In.Digg.Nation Collective / RCA Records, available here), which he conceptualized as the 3rd episode of his trilogy of time-themed albums (after In Search Of Lost Time … Read more

San Michele: in the places and times of change | Chronicles Salerno


A place of high spirituality is the cave dedicated to the archangel in Olevano sul Tusciano, among the faithful in procession, brigands and Lucifer evicted with a kick By Aristide Fiore The Grotta di S. Michele Arcangelo, in Olevano sul Tusciano is a highly symbolic place, where ancient and contemporary paths cross which enrich its … Read more

One of the best books of the year according to The Times, The Matrix, by Lauren Groff – The Pleasure of Reading


Considered one of the best books of the year according to The TimesLumen publishes next September 8 Matrix, the latest novel by American writer Lauren Groff. Acclaimed by critics and by Barack Obama, a National Book Award finalist for Florida and winner of the Paul Bowles, PEN/O Henry and Pushcart awards, the author recovers in … Read more

Sofía Mulánovich: what happened to the Peruvian athlete who won the surfing world championship 3 times?

Sophia Mulanovich managed to make history in the sport after obtaining the title of world surfing champion after competing in the Association of Professional Surfers in 2004. Peru, which has been considered one of the most beautiful countries in America, is home to characters who have She has known how to make a place for … Read more

Christian hope in our “dark times”


The traditional summer session of the Ecumenical Activities Secretariat took place in Assisi at the end of July In the last week of July, the annual meeting of the Secretariat for Ecumenical Activities (SAE) was held in Assisi, which was attended by various Christian confessions: Orthodox, Evangelicals (Catholics, Waldensians, Methodists and Adventists), with the presence … Read more

Santiago Apóstol, “the most profitable ‘fake’ character of Christian times”


Saint James the Less, Santiago el Justo or Santiago Apóstol. Any of the three names are compatible with one of the most outstanding evangelists of Jesus Christ. Santiago was the force, the impulse and the overflow of passion. Unique in the lineage of Jacobo and always willing to wield the sword to leave his skin … Read more

Bishop Zenti retires tomorrow. In recent times he has created chaos in the diocese (V. Mancuso and A. Sillioni)


I learn from Adista, and then directly from the interested party to whom I asked for confirmation, that the bishop of Verona dismissed Marco Campedelli from the post of professor of religion at the Liceo Maffei in Verona, held by Campedelli for 22 years.A few simple questions and some observations. 1) Who are the two … Read more

Mapuche nation. Coordinator of the Mapuche Parliament in Río Negro: Times of Wiñoy Tripantu and Identity Reaffirmation


Latin American Summary, June 24, 2022 The completion of a cycle and its renewal with the return of the Sun or Wiñoy Tripantu find us the members of the Mapuche Tehuelche people immersed in the struggle for territorial discussion, its recovery and its defense. This cycle that is ending has a journey through the territory … Read more