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At our LITERARY COFFEE TABLES come…surprising PROPOSALS of all KINDS…but if they come recommended by the SEAL and QUALITY CONTROL of ANDREA HERRERA; a SMART and INTELLIGENT character within this exciting WORLD of LETTERS… the THEME is already transformed into an excellent SOUND that begins to take on the appearance of a SCORE with TONES … Read more

Nidia Bermejo: when would you return to Peru and why do you feel much admiration for Puno?

Nidia Bermejo replace “little by little” with “step by step”, “try” with “find”. From the age of 23 – now he is 43 – he banishes from his intimate glossary any splash of indecision: “You have to dignify yourself”, she affirms. Worthy, according to the RAE, means deserving of something: perhaps an artistic career that … Read more

Mapuche Nation. Rawson, January 15. Talk about situations and actions. “I demand that the Machi return to her Rewe. For the right to spirituality and health according to our worldview, and free development in the territory”

Latin American Summary, January 17, 2023 «We reaffirm our feyentun and support our machi. We summon the Mapuche people of the Meli Witral Mapu to unite and strengthen ourselves from our mongen and nor feleal blue. To the conscious society in general and to our pu lamngen, we say that the resistance continues and that … Read more

Mapuche Nation. Wiñotupe Taiñ Machi ñi rewe mew. Return of our Machi to her rewe: Times of struggle and resistance are consolidated!

Latin American Summary, January 15, 2023 After the meeting with state officials and human rights organizations, the Committee of Mapuche and Mapuche Tehuelche Authorities agreed to continue the dialogue towards a reconciliation between National Parks and the Lafken Winkul Mapu Community. This Thursday, January 12, our delegation of Mapuche and Mapuche Tehuelche authorities had a … Read more

Bison return to indigenous lands revives spirituality

BULL HOLLOW, Oklahoma, USA — Ryan Mackey softly sang a sacred Cherokee verse as he took a handful of tobacco from a resealable bag. Reaching his arms over a barbed-wire fence, he spread the leaves on the grass where a herd of bison grazed in northeast Oklahoma. The offering represented a respectful act of thanks, … Read more

DC Extended Universe: the actors and characters who may not return

Compared to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC’s extended universe took a while to figure out which way to go, but still seems to hang in the balance. They didn’t help box office flop of films on which Warner Bros. bet a lotnor (perhaps above all) the quarrels, renunciations and complaints that have involved the protagonists … Read more

Senegal: Religious call for return to God following deadly accident

Lamp Fall and mosque of Touba, Senegal/Taken on 16 April 2013 in Senegal near Sare-Sara Touba Dalla-Ngabou (DSC_8333)/ News facts On Sunday January 8, a serious accident in Senegal resulted in the death of 39 people. In the aftermath of this tragedy, Muslim and Christian religious leaders prayed for the victims and made recommendations to … Read more

Return of ancestral spirituality: between tobacco prayers, temazcales and vision quests

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Native American spiritual ceremonies reappear as an opportunity for self-discovery. When Silvina Milans was 23 years old, she was working in her family business. “We worked all day, it was work, work and work, and I felt that life could not be just that,” she recalled in dialogue with El País. Motivated by … Read more

Should we return to French Canada?

The author is a historian, sociologist, writer and retired teacher from the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi in the history, sociology, anthropology, political science and international cooperation programs. His research focuses on collective imaginations. Renowned intellectuals for whom I have great respect totally or largely reject the legacy of the Quiet Revolution and plead for … Read more