A few leads for this second Toussaint holiday. And a big crush on the belly of Fabrice Capizzano’s barge. On your pages, get set, read.

Head to Tristan da Cunha Island, the main island of the eponymous archipelago located north of the Roaring Forties. From Thionville, located north of Amnéville. The path will be rough. Welcome to the belly of the barge, with Jason and Hannah (a very unstable solution…). Two stars in the field of photography and piano (for the rhyme). And their friends of fortune or misfortune, it depends… Givet, Rémi, redhead, etc., recruited in a police station. We must celebrate the memory of Gladys and offer her her desired destination.

First of all, writing. That of Fabrice Capizzano, so liberated, so free. A street poetics, sometimes perfectly dazzling, which plays with the balances until almost putting a foot in the void and is recovered from a forward or backward somersault, a flower stuck between the teeth! The beauty of the gesture. Amazing. Top.

This is to feed a somewhat deglingo road-movie, where love competes with trash, where madness tames reason. How is this story going to end… Huh? Read 🙂 Once you get to Tristan, send a postcard!

The glass house (Roberto Cotroneo / at Buchet-Chastel)

“Everything that would happen, everything that I would see and hear within the villa would remain secret, I would be forbidden to tell anyone about it.”

This is the oath that Margherita B. makes when she agrees to become the governess of twin sisters in a singular glass residence on the outskirts of Rome. In her diary, the young woman describes an enchanting setting, gifted and charming little girls, fascinating parents.However, this house where everything can be seen and known hides many secrets from which it seems difficult to escape.

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With La Maison de verre, Roberto Cotroneo pays a powerful tribute to the Gothic novel, leading his reader to the frontiers of the visible world and madness with an astonishing mastery of suspense.

The song of the survivors (Paul Tremblay / at Gallmeister)

In this era that remains vaccinated, a great classic of the end-of-the-world-epidemic-race-against-the-clock-zombies-behind-the-back genre; advice to fans of the genre. In a nutshell: Natalie has one hour. One hour to receive the dose of rabies vaccine that may save his life. Her husband has just been killed, she was bitten by a man “zombified” by the epidemic of lightning rage which overwhelms Massachusetts. The virus, carried by saliva, transforms its victims into brutes who bite and infect their fellow human beings before succumbing. Panic is spreading. The hospitals are overwhelmed, the effectiveness of the vaccine is not certain against this deviant form, 100% fatal. Natalie has only one hope, that of joining her doctor friend Ramola Sherman. Both embark on a race against time and against death, through a city plunged into chaos.

Horror virtuoso Paul Tremblay signs a nightmarish countdown full of emotion.

One Day / One Book and some ways to have fun during the All Saints holidays including Cleopatra & Frankenstein by Coco Mellors

Michka Assayas (Very Good Trip at GM Editions)

Fans of the show Very Good Trip (on Inter) are in for a treat. Neophytes may become addicted. Music, music, always music. And the stories that go with it.

Michka Assayas recounts the “trip” of a passionate life, which merges with the story of a generation whose life has been turned upside down by the discovery of a new musical world. This book, written as a duo, is the result of long interviews. Michka Assayas tells Maud Berthomier how songs, concerts and images related to music transmitted to him emotions and dazzles which were, for him, the source of revelations in the most intimate areas, from sexuality to spirituality.

He evokes more than three hundred songs, We find there the tone of his program Very good Trip: quantity of stories, memories and anecdotes come to shed light on the adventure of rock in the broad sense, from Bob Dylan to Eminem, passing by Kurt cobain.

Julien Dodon

Literature – One Day/One Book and what to turn a few pages during these holidays with Fabrice Capizzano