The dance of the veil in Pierfranco Bruni’s writing of the trilogy

The dance of the veil in Pierfranco Bruni’s writing of the trilogy Marilena Cavallo* Writing is complicity: an invitation to fly and the journey is accomplished.Getting on the flying carpet of writing and immersing yourself in the charm of the night among the thousand adventures of words is the emotion that ensures this recently published … Read more

Thinking, writing the city

Hassan II University of Casablanca Faculty of Arts and Humanities-Mohammedia Interdisciplinary Research Laboratory in Social and Human Sciences International meetig : ” Thinking, writing the city” Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 November 2022 Call for papers The Interdisciplinary Human Sciences Research Laboratory (LARISH) of the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of Mohammedia – Hassan … Read more

[Homenaje] Hernán Ortega Parada: Thinking and writing will bring pleasure and pain

On Saturday, November 19, after the funeral rites, after having said goodbye to my dear friend at the cinerary portal, where the last propitiatory fire awaited him, I returned to his house in Olmué, where we toasted the gods of the word, auguring a luminous reception in the nameless place. By Edmund Moure Rojas Posted … Read more


Illustration: Andrés Otero. “Maybe I am obsessive. That sin gets bigger when I talk about India.” With this declaration of parts starts crowned with flies (2012), account of Margo Glantz’s trips to that country. I sense that he is fascinated by the puny contrasts of her streets: stench, mutilated people, garbage, cows, shit, along with … Read more

Writing the Absent: Virtual Presences in Early Modern Romance Literature, 16th

Writing the Absent: Virtual Presences in Early Modern Romance Literature (16th-17th Centuries) September 24-27, 2023, Romanistentag Leipzig Before its success linked to the advent of digital technology, the term “virtual” was used for seven centuries in an exclusively philosophical or mechanical context. In its most common sense since scholastic times virtual (“virtualis”, from “virtus”) is … Read more

The art of writing a work with a pencil

‘Serrar la horca o el cadalso’ was, in the first instance, a 180-page writing in pencil. Its author, Lopera Sánchez (Andrés Lopera Sánchez, screenwriter and producer), began to think about the idea of ​​healing and revenge, represented by two friends who distance themselves and betray each other. Someone I love very much, someone very close, … Read more

“The choreography…the double scene of writing”

The eighth issue of the electronic magazine “Les Amis de Dionysos” (September 2022), which is directed by the poet and aesthetician Boudjemaa Ashfari, and has in its editorial board the poet and translator Rajaa Talbi, the visual artist and art critic Benyonis Amirouche, and writer and art critic Ahmed Lotfallah; It is a magazine devoted … Read more

Rating out of 10 | What review do you regret writing?

What review do our journalists regret writing? Have they ever had too harsh words for artists or works? Or, on the contrary, were they too enthusiastic? On the occasion of the introduction of odds out of 10 in The PressHere are their testimonials. Posted at 7:00 a.m. Emilie Côté: Madonna’s age It’s particularly stressful to … Read more