Lei Festival: literature

Lei Festival: literature- emotion- intelligence

Very rich closing day for the LEI festival, currently taking place at the Teatro Doglio in Cagliari. Adventure is the theme of this edition and from 5 pm it will be the monk Guidalberto Bormolini to face it through the art of meditation “I would like above all that at the end of the path you can penetrate the mystery of meditation

Lei Festival: literature- emotion- intelligence: and if in the end it will remain mysterious, it will still be a more familiar mystery, but above all capable of giving meaning to a life that for the multitudes is increasingly becoming meaningless, devoid of passion, deprives of the possibility of living an absolute love”. The author accompanies us on a fascinating journey to get closer to an experience that starts from the desire for infinity and is accomplished by dancing and breathing with infinity. Guidalberto Bormolini is a monk and anthropologist and directs the Spirituality Center of the monastery of San Leonardo di Prato visited, among others, by John Paul II and the Dalai Lama. Meanwhile he works to transform Mezzana, an abandoned village nestled in the Valbisenzio, near Prato, into the village “Tutto è vita” to cure and accompany the terminally ill to death through spirituality. He has written and edited some volumes on the themes of spirituality and preparation for death.

Great expectations for the philosopher Massimo Cacciari who at the LEI Festival will offer a lectio on the writer Robert Musil entitled Journey to Paradise. Musil’s man without qualities reflects contemporary man, for whom yesterday’s world, with its illusions of harmony, of completeness, with its demands for accuracy to be sought in every field, is finished forever. There are no ways out, only ways, which we will have to build while we go, we search. Massimo Cacciari is professor emeritus of Aesthetics at the San Raffaele University in Milan and a member of the Accademia dei Lincei. He has carried out political activity and is among the most present philosophical voices in the public debate.

Laugh whenever you can, it’s cheap medicinethis is instead the title of the scientist’s conference Manuela Monti, scheduled with the collaboration of the CagliariScienza Festival. An increasing number of evidence documents how much daily life is able to influence our DNA. A smile, a hug, serenity or, on the contrary, suffering, frustration or fear can induce our cells to produce neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, etc.) which not only transmit signals between neurons but control the expression of some genes that influence the functionality of tissues and organs and our psycho-physical well-being. After many years spent in the USA, UK and Japan, Manuela Monti returned to Italy to carry out research on stem and germ cells. In fact, she has always been fascinated by the egg cell that she has studied, dissected, described and brought to the theater with a show aimed at curious young students.

Two of the most beloved philosophers of the new generation return to the LEI Festival, Maura Gancitano and Andrea Colamedici who at 20 will hold a meeting entitled The adventure of beauty. Beauty today is something very precise to which we must adapt, it is not a purely aesthetic question, but rather a political technique of exercising power, a sort of golden cage in which we are not aware of being locked up. Rethinking beauty means venturing beyond indoctrination and consumption, it means seizing it as a path of personal flowering, far from any type of external conditioning, to finally be able to listen and follow our authentic desires, allowing us to live our bodies freely

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