Respect for destiny | Column of Juan Jesus Priego

The height of Marcelo Ebrard and his fast pace make him stand out among the medium influx that the Ponciano Arriaga airport in the capital of San Luis has on a Thursday morning. There is no major paraphernalia for those who arrive, officially no one receives them except the state government vehicles that are already … Read more

Monologue about destiny | Column of Juan Jesus Priego

Lowercase letters Freedom is not everything, that’s what I say. Man, in addition to freedom, needs destiny: even a little bit, even if only in small doses. Have you ever wondered, dear sir, what we would do in a world where everything was planned and regulated; where, finally, No happened never nothing? How beautiful is … Read more

Oaxacan changes his destiny as a peasant and becomes a plastic artist; here his story

OAXACA, Oaxaca. (appro) .- his destiny was to be a peasant, but he left behind. A book by Guadalupe Posada awakened his great passion for the arts as a child without understanding it. Now, Manuel Miguel has been undertaking new projects and challenges that have led him to chart his own path in the plastic … Read more