Vanina Gramuglia, the “astrologer” of Big Brother 2007: her romance with an ex of Nicole Neumann and her spiritual path in angelology

The entrance of Vanina Gramuglia to Big Brother 2007 Vanina Gramuglia was one of the protagonists of one of the most remembered editions of Big Brother, that of 2007, with milestones that are remembered until today. The consecration of Marianela Mirrahis spontaneous to diego leonardithe takeoff of Claudia Ciardonethe barrage of negative votes for Nadia … Read more

Writing the Absent: Virtual Presences in Early Modern Romance Literature, 16th

Writing the Absent: Virtual Presences in Early Modern Romance Literature (16th-17th Centuries) September 24-27, 2023, Romanistentag Leipzig Before its success linked to the advent of digital technology, the term “virtual” was used for seven centuries in an exclusively philosophical or mechanical context. In its most common sense since scholastic times virtual (“virtualis”, from “virtus”) is … Read more

The royal and the guru: this is the controversial romance of Marta Luisa from Norway

Once upon a time there was a Nordic princess who lived among angels and fables, and dreamed of giving love a new chance… That princess is nothing less than Martha Louise of Norway, 50 years old, whose life has been in the eye of the hurricane since she married the bohemian writer Ari Behn (on … Read more