jhm | Les Festivités des Arts de la Renne, un week

Sortie. “Les Arts de la Renne” organise son premier week-end de festivités, les 23 et 24 septembre. Trois spectacles musicaux pour petits et grands seront proposés entre les villages de Rennepont et Montheries. Une visite commentée d’exposition se déroulera à Saint-Martin-sur-la-Renne. Après un premier concert organisé en juillet en l’église de Montheries, la toute jeune … Read more

From the visual arts they celebrate 508 years of Remedios • Workers

By Manuel Eduardo Jimenez Mendoza On June 24, San Juan de los Remedios reached its 508th anniversary of being founded as a town. Its history collects pages of legends, myths and traditions that have endured throughout these narrow and partying years. Although, for many, the most important festival is the parrandas, reality has shown that … Read more

Roberto Diago Querol Hall: artistic event of the visual arts

Reviewing each program, one moves to significant names and works, which reaffirmed the potential of Matanzas visual arts. El Diago, as it is called, is a space that also encourages exchange and confrontation between creators and where the Provincial Prize for Plastic Arts is awarded, which on this occasion went to the prominent photographer Ramón … Read more

The new School of Arts and Crafts of the San Pedro Factory begins

(Vatican Media).- Young stoneworkers and marble workers, plasterers and decorators, and carpenters return to training in the workshops of the San Pedro Factory. In fact, on the afternoon of Monday, January 16, The Factory School of Arts and Crafts will be inaugurated, promoted in collaboration with the Fratelli tutti Foundation. The twenty young students, selected … Read more

They analyze spiritism, theosophy and spiritualism, from religion, arts and history

*** In a virtual colloquium, framed in the 50th anniversary of the Directorate of Ethnology and Social Anthropology, specialists address the issues *** The general director of the INAH, Diego Prieto Hernández, highlighted the influence of these currents in the liberal and revolutionary thought of Mexico Bulletin 634 Until December 15, in the virtual colloquium … Read more

Klein exhibition: “His life and his work are marked by a quest for spirituality”. Interview with the curator | Knowledge of the Arts

By taking the intimate as a common thread, this new exhibition on Yves Klein offers an unprecedented reading of his work, demonstrating at the same time how much his private life was also the driving force of his aesthetic commitments. Interview with Cecilia Braschi, curator of the exhibition. Until March 26, 2023, the Hôtel de … Read more

Empathy in French Language Arts and Literature (Szeged)

Empathy in French-Language Arts and Literature International meetig organized by the University of Luxembourg and the University of Szeged at the University of Szeged (Hungary), from 24 to 26 November 2023 Although the notion of empathy emerged at the end of the 19th century and its philosophical roots go back to Antiquity, it has never … Read more

Regional Awards for Arts and Cultures 2022 received recognition at Lanco

The 2022 Regional Arts and Culture Awards ceremony was recently held at the Teatro Galia in the Lanco commune. It was the fourth version of this award granted by the Seremi de las Culturas, las Artes y Patrimonio de Los Ríos through its Strengthening of Regional Cultural Identity program. Recognition was given to Carlos Rivera … Read more

Sang sensible : couleur, fluide et fonction vitale dans la littérature et les arts (XIXe

Sang sensible : couleur, fluide et focntion vitale dans la littérature et les arts (XIXe – XXIe siècles) Journée d’étude transdisciplinaire Vanessa Besand (UBFC) et Irène Le Roy Ladurie (UBFC/UL), dans le cadre et avec le soutien du Centre Pluridisciplinaire Textes et Cultures (CPTC) Université de Dijon, le 27 avril 2023 Mots clés : sang – études … Read more