Interview with Muriel Parra, Chilean costume designer with a long history and part of “Sayen”

A few weeks ago we were invited to witness the press function of sayen, the first film in a Chilean trilogy produced by Fábula, by the Larraín brothers that can be seen on Prime Video. The story follows the first Mapuche action heroine, played by rallen montenegroin a story full of intrigue, action and other … Read more

Muriel Bec, fabulous tamer who absolutely refuses to be

Muriel Bec is not only the woman who plays animals in cinema. In Sologne, she embarked on an extraordinary adventure: sharing with the public her intimacy with the wild. In her life, even if she will never say it with these words, Muriel Bec has tamed everything: adversity, death, beasts… And as if her fabulous … Read more