“Jaou Tunis” | Screening of “We knew that the islands were beautiful”, a new film by Younès Ben Slimane: The dignity of the human soul highlighted through the four elements | The Tunisian Press

©Younès Ben Slimane By Amel Bouslama “We knew they were beautiful, the islands”, production Le Fresnoy-Studio national des arts contemporains-Inside Productions, with the support of the French Institute of Tunisia. This hybrid film mixing documentary and fiction, lasting 20 minutes, is the second beautiful and excellent film by the young Tunisian director, visual artist and … Read more

Astrological signs: dates, elements and characters

The practice of traditional astrology goes back several millennia, from Greece to ancient Egypt, via Mesopotamia. The construction of horoscopes was used to follow the movements of astral bodies, which, according to astrology experts, predicts future events. The astrology chart is based on the constellations of the zodiacal belt and contains twelve astrological signs. The … Read more

United Kingdom: The crown jewels, key elements of the ceremony


PublishedSeptember 10, 2022, 10:40 am UK: The crown jewels, key elements of the ceremony From the imperial ceremonial crown to that of Saint Edward, the crown jewels will be used throughout the coronation ceremony of Charles III. The imperial ceremonial, or state, crown was worn by Elizabeth II following her coronation. The late Queen also … Read more

The sordid elements of the Depp/Heard trial continue to emerge: fabricated evidence and treatment for erectile dysfunction


The sealed exhibits of the over-publicized trial between the two stars have been revealed: photos whose authenticity is highly questioned, but also elements of Johnny Depp’s medical file that Amber Heard’s lawyers wanted to use in the context of the case… In the wake of the numerous documents revealed in recent days on the defamation … Read more

Les 4 Éléments De Vie Et Leur Lien Avec La Spiritualité


Afin de prendre véritablement soin de soi et de protéger sa santé mentale, il est important d’apprendre à équilibrer les 4 éléments dans votre vie quotidienne. Votre bien-être est important, et savoir comment prendre soin de vous spirituellement et physiquement est un élément clé de l’autosoin et de la guérison énergétique. De nos jours, une … Read more