After 140 years, the brothers of the Franciscan Congregation leave the city of Temuco

Being already part of the history of the Diocese of San José de Temuco and of the regional capital of La Araucanía, the Franciscan brothers of the parish community of Nuestra Señora de Lourdes, left the city and with great feeling, were accompanied in the celebration of the Holy Mass, on Tuesday, December 27, by … Read more

Llaitul’s son and two other CAM members will be transferred to Temuco prison

The Temuco Court of Appeals accepted the amparo appeal filed by the defense of Pelentaro Llaitul -younger son of Héctor Llaitul, leader of the Coordinadora Arauco Malleco (CAM)- and his transfer was authorized from the Valdivia prison to the Mapuche module of the Temuco prison. Llaitul is joined by Luis Menares Chañilao and Jorge Caniupil … Read more

Synodal challenges in Dean Assemblies of Imperial and Temuco Sur

On Saturday, September 24, two dean assemblies were held, during the morning, it was the turn of the deanery of Imperial, where the parishes of San Miguel Arcángel of the Imperial commune, Nuestra Señora del Carmen de Chol Chol, San Pablo de Carahue, San José de la Costa de Trovolhue and San Antonio de Padua, … Read more

Carmen Gloria Calfiqueo, teacher and community leader in Temuco: “There are establishments that are the backyard of municipal education”

Calfiqueo Calfullán, indicated that the impact that inherited decisions are having on the legitimate demands of the Mapuche educational and cultural high school community, an establishment located at the foot of Cerro Ñielol, is dramatic. Access to the Technological Bicentennial Lyceum in Temuco, at the foot of Cerro Ñielol Profanation and sacrilege of sacred spaces … Read more

Anthropologist recovers in a book the history of the ancient inhabitants of Temuco

The anthropologist Danko Mariman has recovered the history of the ancient inhabitants of Temuco in a book entitled “Lofmapu Botxolwe”. It is a territory where the State of Chile settled in the framework of the war with the Mapuche, with a thousand years of history in the territory. The city of Temuco itself was founded … Read more