“Reading made me nauseous”: an internal investigation describes “systemic” sexual violence within the religious community of Saint

A report on sexual assault within the religious community of the Brothers of Saint John highlights the central role played by its founder, Father Marie-Dominique Philippe and denounces the “systemic dimension” of the assaults. Article written by Posted on 06/27/2023 11:12 Reading time : 1 min. A crucifix on the altar of a church. Illustrative … Read more

Theater in Guatemala: 7 plays that reflect on violence in the country’s history

It took 14 years for the members of the UNESCO International Theater Institute –entity founded in 1948– decided set a date on which performance art could be celebrated around the world. Thus, in 1962, various members of the entity met to establish the March 27 as World Theater Day: date on which, according to the … Read more

Culture: violence and liberation (V of X)

Drawing Haffe Serulle. The forgotten treaties Times have rigorously changed and with them the methods of action of the forces of bestiality. If the cross, the guillotine and the gallows were once symbols of terror, today they are replaced by weapons of mass destruction. The current use of this expression –mass destruction– as a synonym … Read more

Coahuila consolidates in favor of violence prevention: Riquelme

ivan sanchez Saltillo Coahuila / 04.01.2023 21:33:52 This Wednesday, the governor of Coahuila, Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís, pointed out that prevention tasks are an essential element of the security strategy. From the state capital, I assure you that it is more effective to intervene before the Law is infringeda person is injured or some patrimonial … Read more

Day 5| Intersectionality and Afrofeminisms, two keys to dismantle sexist violence

51 Views Lirians Gordillo Pineapple SemMéxico/SEMlac, Havana, Cuba, November 29, 2022.- Little by little, the intersectional perspective is incorporated into the social analysis and approach to sexist violence in Cuba. This push has as protagonists Afrofeminists from the academy, community spaces, cyberactivists, entrepreneurs, artists and creators. In her more than 30 years of work and … Read more

The obstacles for women to get out of gender violence | Fear of consequences is the main reason for avoiding reporting

“When I decided not to let him in anymore, I said: I’m going to report it, but… what if he finds me on the street?” “Going to the police station was embarrassing, having to talk about your problems in front of other people, counting, because they asked you like that, in front of the whole … Read more

Œuvres spoliées : « Restituons celles qui ont été prises dans la violence »

La Croix L’Hebdo : Résidente à Berlin depuis une trentaine d’années, vous nous avez donné rendez-vous dans le bâtiment de la Staatsbibliothek, la Bibliothèque d’État qui s’élève sur la place de Potsdam. Pourquoi ? Bénédicte Savoy : La Staatsbibliothek signifie beaucoup pour les Berlinois. Elle témoigne du temps qui passe depuis la chute du Mur … Read more

Interview with Andrés Ramírez Pulido, director of La Jauría. “Since I made El Eden I have thought of violence as an entity.”

Oct twenty-one 2022 02:30 Being violent is something that sometimes exceeds the nature of the being that exercises it, because there are external factors that consciously or unconsciously influence it: the environment, the family and even destiny. With “The pack”, Andrés Ramírez Pulido explores violence from a universal, more personal, more internal approach, from the … Read more

‘In Colombia we have lived with violence’: Clemencia Echeverri

2022 has been a year of great exhibitions. The retrospective of Miguel Ángel Rojas in Casas Riegner, the monumental Bruma by Beatriz González in the Espacio Fragmentosthe different tributes for the 100 years of Ramírez Villamizar, the work of the Chilean Cecilia Vicuña in the Banco de la República, the precious exhibition of Luz Lizarazo … Read more