Tassone: “Without faith, without spirituality, a community does not project itself into the future”

WE RECEIVE AND PUBLISH In this period we return to talk about the Catholic question. Well-known scholars carefully deal with issues that were central to the past, which are neglected today. Historically precise analyzes on the role of Catholics in the conquest, in the defense of democracy and freedom, often fail to escape from the … Read more

“Praise of religion”: plea for an indispensable framework of faith

praise of religion by Paul Valadier Salvator, 200 pages, €18 The title of this new work by Paul Valadier is a bit provocative. How can we praise religion at a time when the various religious traditions are suspected of being the cause of violence? This sulphurous reputation spares none: “Crimes committed in the name of … Read more

Pope praises natural harmony between faith and reason in education


Pope Francis received around a hundred members of the Fraternity of Saint Thomas Aquinas Groups on Friday, September 30, in the Clementine Hall of the Apostolic Palace. Before the priests, lay people and consecrated persons of this community founded in Argentina in 1962, the Sovereign Pontiff recalled the whole heritage of Saint Thomas in the … Read more

“Stay a little”, Gad Elmaleh’s very personal film about his faith


After being away from the big screen for a while, comedian and actor Gad Elmaleh returns to the cinema on November 16 with a very personal film, “Reste un peu”. A comedy with autobiographical impulses based on his own life and his spiritual journey. We laugh, of course, but we also wonder. And that makes … Read more

Physics took him from atheism to evangelism: a forbidden Mass and “a sign”, to the fullness of faith


It was 1988 in London when Wilson’s was a profoundly scientistimbued by atheism and marked by the conviction that science was in itself an amendment to the entire religious spirit. An approach that he began to question when he finished his university studies in Physics, when “God used the beauty of mathematics and a good … Read more

Carlos III, the King “defender of the faith” in an increasingly Muslim United Kingdom


In a hushed atmosphere, a dozen Muslims of all ages waited to sign a book of condolences for the Queen isabel II during a interdenominational ceremony organized in the great mosque Baitul Futuhin the south of London. “I am a first generation Muslim in this country” and “here we can practice our faith under the … Read more

Nova Bastante is Ricardo again: his new life based on faith and chastity


Nova Quite announces that he wants to be Ricardo again The detransition of Nova Quite is accompanied by God and the values ​​of chastity The phenomenon of tamarismo, which emerged around the appearance of the singer Yurena when she called herself Tamara, gave us a lot of colorful characters. One of them was richy pretty, … Read more

Faith, economy and spirituality protagonists at the second day of “Making room for courage”


Make room for courage: a second day scheduled for tomorrow (8 September) full of events and comparisons. It begins with a moment of internationality, where from 9.30 the video messages of Monsignor Paolo Giulietti, archbishop of Lucca, Dom Roque Paloschi, archbishop of Porto Vehlo Rondoni in Brazil, and other bishops from the world will alternate, … Read more