El director Garrone y sus actores en el Vaticano con el Papa

El director de la película “Io Capitano” cuenta el encuentro del reparto con el Papa Francisco y la experiencia de trabajar con los actores: “A menudo me sentía como un intruso, pero luego comprendí que la mejor manera era darles voz”. El intercambio en Santa Marta: una confirmación de la “correspondencia” entre la mirada del … Read more

La mítica actriz de la película original de ‘El Exorcista’ jugó un papel clave en el reboot: El director desvela su importancia

David Gordon Green, despus de cerrar su triloga de Halloween con un buen puado de crticas mixtas, aunque con buenos resultados en taquilla y streaming, tiene ya en marcha su nueva triloga de El Exorcista, que servir como secuela de la obra original de William Friedkin publicada en 1973. El proyecto cuenta con un nuevo … Read more

Tinatin Kajrishvili • Director of Citizen Saint

“People act selfishly and fearfully, and this can apply to both society and individuals” 07/12/2023 – The Georgian filmmaker dives headfirst into our beliefs and hopes in her latest moving film, set in a mining community in his touching Citizen Saint [+lee también: críticaentrevista: Tinatin Kajrishvilificha de la película]presented in competition in Karlovy Vary and awarded with the … Read more

Hadewijch”: the complex and disconcerting work of a director to claim

Premiered in 2009 after going through the San Sebastian Festival, Hadewijch It is one of the most stimulating works of French Bruno Dumont for being able to house, within an intense story about faith and passion, most of the identity traits that make its director one of the most complex authors on the contemporary film … Read more

Gianfranco Rosi, a director in the suitcases of Pope Francis

But what did Gianfranco Rosi do there? Award-winning director, Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 2013, Golden Bear in Berlin three years later, author of documentaries all over the world, how did he end up signing In viaggio, this documentary which should be released in cinemas on December 14 and which is dedicated… … Read more

Earthly good: the editorial of the director of Terra Nuova

Here is the complete text of the editorial by the director of Terra Nuova, Nicholas Bawtree, published in the January issue of the magazine . “Construction of the largest radio astronomy observatory in the world began in Australia in December. It will serve to expand the boundaries of our knowledge, to trace the birth and … Read more

Angelo Guglielmi died, the historic director of Rai3 was 93 years old

Of Maria Volpe You launch programs that have made the history of public television such as Samarcanda and Who has seen it?. He considered Chiambretti brilliant, Santoro great conductor, Fazio talented died in the night at the age of 93 Angelo Guglielmi. He passed away in his sleep. There will be many TV personalities who … Read more

Arriving on December 2 “Colpo di genio”, the film made to raise funds for the Children’s Hospital. INTERVIEW with director Romeo Azzali

After the great success of La Spétnèda, last year’s film, freely inspired by the story of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Scapigliata”, the famous painting on wood kept in the National Gallery of Parma will be screened on Friday 2 December at 20.30 at The Space Cinema Parma Centre, “Colpo di Genio” the latest work by Romeo … Read more

Ángeles Huerta • Director of O corpo aberto

“My film has a queer reading in its reflection on gender as something performative” 12/08/2022 – We chatted with the Asturian filmmaker about her first foray into fiction, a rural tale with a gothic atmosphere starring Galician Tamar Novas and Portuguese Victória Guerra (© Marcos Pereiro) A teacher arrives in a remote Galician village, with … Read more