Eurocentrism vs. Pope Francis: an end to the plot and a new destination for the secretary of Benedict XVI

Ganswein’s aim was to expose internal differences in Vatican governance. What is clearly said movements of earthly power, a power of the Pontiff. The European also advocated the return to masses in Latin, a matter of a very small minority in a universe that exceeds 1,300 million baptized, who cry out every day for greater social and environmental justice.

But the worldview of an elitist and egocentric Church, which esteems the punishing God more than his merciful love, where many of these egocentrics have fallen into the path of financial and sexual scandals, launched their rancor against Francis like a missile. In doing so, it seems that they forgot that he is the leader of the process that began almost a decade ago the first papacy with Latin American roots, that shepherds the holy faithful people of God and the clergy of the world with an exhausting constancy of work, hand to hand, under the spirituality of the tenderness and patience of a father. And they didn’t remember that he not only works for Catholics, but it does so even for those who are distant or profess other creeds, and at the same time it is decisive in confronting the dark evil of abuses of power and banishing elitist culture that centuries ago captured the faith in the Vatican with a world view of the world from the centers of economic power and owners of the truth.

Ganswein, secretary to the late pope emeritus, was very brutal. Tactlessly, he attacked from the ego. He became the protagonist and sank who he claimed to defend. he betrayed himself Benedict XVI. This was evident even by the Eurocentrics themselves, altered by the spring in the ecclesial and political leadership of a Pope forged in the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, intellectually formed by the Jesuits and filled with a Franciscan spirituality.


But just as the monsignor climbed the rungs for global media prominence against Francis, he is already declining. Jorge Bergoglio wastes no time. His schedule is fast-paced. On Monday, January 9, the Pope received Ganswein. There he told him that his destiny was to return to the country where he was born and trained him. Now, the German will leave behind years of Vatican corridors and Roman meals to live with a German church that promotes advanced internal reforms (female priests, gay marriages) something that he will have to bear with his closed spirit.

Francisco was merciful to those who attacked him. He turned the other cheek. Because the other option, which some recommended to him, was to send Ganswein on a mission together with the Polish cardinal, Konrad Krajewskicalled “the beggar”, at the front lines of the battle in Ukraine.

The Pope felt that the German sniper was aiming at him head on. Gunpowder burns in the bleeding caused by not being able to stop the war in the heart of Europe and that widens the fratricidal cruelty of the Third World War in installments. Bergoglio’s sadness was evidenced by crying in public never seen in a Pope in the modern era and which was recorded on video.

The Pontiff had already been targeted by Eurocentrism in 2020, when Ganswein himself, together with the African Cardinal Robert Sarah, launched a book in defense of celibacy and had used the signature of Benedict XVI. This media operation against Francisco determined that the German monsignor had the only task of being secretary of Benedict XVI. Once again the mercy of Francisco. He did not kick him out of the Holy See.

These reckless attacks that seek to divide and destroy the Successor of Peter have been brought to light in part by Bergoglio himself, when he spoke of the plot against him (information already published in this medium), which was evidenced by the global media campaign for his resignation after the stomach operation. But the Pope still has a lot to give.

Examples of this are the trips to countries in internal armed conflicts in Africa, such as South Sudan and the Republic of Congo, the visit to the wise and enigmatic Asian world, after the affectionate invitations received by the leaders of two giants such as Mongolia and above all India.

While in his homeland -ours- He still has to designate a new captain to steer the boat of the Buenos Aires curiathe government of the Church in the most relevant district for economic, political, communicational and ecclesial power -key, although not decisive-, There is talk of making the dream of returning to the land of tango, soccer and barbecue come true.

The elitists are left with the reflection that stems from the conversion experience of Saul of Tarsus, known as Saint Paul: “It is hard for you to kick against the pricks.” While to ordinary believers, with their very Latin American popular religiosity, the advice that Jorge Mario repeats is another: “Watch out that the Devil enters through the pocket and comes out through the mouth.”

Eurocentrism vs. Pope Francis: an end to the plot and a new destination for the secretary of Benedict XVI