Electricity group Statkraft Chile: “We hope to make an acquisition this year”

In search of renewable energy projects, hopefully with a certain degree of progress to be able to quickly increase its production capacity, is the Chilean subsidiary of the Norwegian state multinational Statkraft. “We hope to make an acquisition this year to meet the goal of having 1,000 MW of installed power by 2028, with wind, … Read more

Colombia a nation of hope that has survived the social impacts | Sort Newspaper

WITHIN THE TYRANNIC ARGUMENTS OF WEAK GOVERNANCES We live with always being right in the face of the truth of others and in the face of being scattered in error. Change must always begin for each one, socializing coexistence, rebellion, resistance and resilient struggle as a journey to transform the nation so that ours in … Read more

The promise to St. Francis, in the book by Luigi Antonio Greco a testimony of faith and hope

Advertisements The promise to St. Francisin the book by Luigi Antonio Greco a testimony of faith and hope A true and current story. Of suffering and faith. That touches hearts deeply and opens them to hope. Luigi Antonio Greco wrote it in the book “The Promise to St. Francis”. It is the diary of a … Read more

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, and whose hope is the Lord! Jeremiah 17:7

January 11, 2023Aloys Evina JOIN US ! Download the Christians TV app. Jeremiah establishes an opposition between the person who experiences spiritual dryness and the one who receives the blessing. The difference in attitude lies in the object of trust: man or God (see Jeremiah 17.5, Jeremiah 17.7). The contrast is striking in terms of … Read more

Esperanto, communicating with the language of hope

Since its inception in 1887 by a Polish student, Esperanto has become the most widely spoken artificial language in the world. Making possible the dialogue between very distant peoples and realizing the dream of a universal language. The words of the young man Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof in the letter to the friend Nikolai Afrikanovich Borovko … Read more

Journal of Philology and Intercultural Communication, Vol.6, No.2/July 2022: Stories of Love and Hope

JOURNAL OF PHILOLOGY AND INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION Vol.6, No.2/July 2022 Stories of love and hope Faced with a new wave of pandemic and a global (and national) economy and security continually beset by micro and macro risks, humanity must turn inward and accept reality in its own strength. In difficult times like these, cultivating resilience can … Read more

Alexander Pescador inaugurates the exhibition ‘Light and Hope’

The spirituality, freedom and energy that mystical beings display on their own, can be appreciated in the exhibition light and hopeby the plastic artist Alexander Pescador Kobets, which was inaugurated at the Multiversidad Cultural Center. The 20-year-old, who has dabbled in the Fine Arts since childhood, since he is a musician as well as a … Read more