Death of historian Alain Besançon, figure of anti

DISAPPEARANCE – The historian died on Sunday at the age of 91. Portrait of a disciple of Raymond Aron who built a considerable and unclassifiable body of work. “II was born rue Guynemer, at the corner of rue de Vaugirard, in front of the Luxembourg garden, on the first floor, in the evening. My mother … Read more

Richard Malka, lawyer for ‘Charlie Hebdo’ threatened with death: “We have the right to fear Islam”

And what if freedom of expression did not draw an ascending line in time, but rather a parenthesis? Specifically, one that opens in the 70s of the last century and closes today. That is what someone who has all the experience and legitimacy to talk about the subject raises: Richard Malka, the lawyer from the … Read more

Who is the Kenyan pastor who caused the death of 70 of his followers by asking them to fast until they met Jesus?

Paul Mackenzie Nthenge, accused of inducing his parishioners to death fasts, turned himself in to the police. Kenyan President William Ruto has vowed to crack down on “shady” religious movements. The Pasture Paul Mackenzie Nthenge Fountain: infobae Paul Mackenzie Nthenge is accused of causing the deaths of more than 70 members of the Christian church … Read more

Kenya: who is Paul Mackenzie Nthenge, “pastor” accused of pushing his followers to fast until death?

Twenty-six new bodies were exhumed on Sunday April 23 in eastern Kenya, bringing to more than 70 the number of remains discovered for more than a week in the investigation into the deaths of followers of a sect whose leader would have said to fast for “to meet Jesus”. The toll could rise. More than … Read more

Death of Pierre Lacotte, a dance master

Aurélie Dupont had allowed the choreographer (photographed here in 2013) to reconnect with choreography, in September 2021, at 89 years old. ALEXANDER NEMENOV / AFP Nicknamed “the archaeologist of ballet”, the French dancer and choreographer died at the age of 91. He devoted his life to reconstructing 19th century ballets. A master. Such was Pierre … Read more

Ada Negri: the pain for the death of her daughter gave her back her faith

The spirituality of the poet Ada Negri who, through the atrocious pain of the death of her daughter at just one month old, rediscovered her faith in Christ through the Heavenly Mother The November 13, 2022 issue of the weekly Mary with you hosts an interesting article on poet Ada Negriwhose lyrical stature has been … Read more

Nine Days in Review: A Valuable Lesson in Life Through Death

In several of the early sequences of nine daysavailable on Apple TV+, the camera pans across what appears to be an endless desert. In the center is an old log cabin. There is nothing else to indicate a human presence or the possibility of such a presence. Little by little, history will show that this … Read more

Anniversary of the death of Rosa Luxemburg

It’s the evening of January 15, 1919. Rosa Luxembourg, captured after the defeat of the revolution in the early afternoon in the house where she is staying (Mannheimer Straße 27), she is seen entering (together with Karl Liebknecht) the Hotel Eden, located in the center of Berlin at Kurfürstendamm 246-247. The Eden Hotel is the … Read more

Death of Jeff Beck, English guitar genius who did not want to be a star

After a dazzling debut with the Yardbirds, this gifted man revered by Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page, partner of Rod Stewart and pioneer of jazz-rock, led a career that was up and down, full of flashes and renunciations. He passed away at 78. Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck. Of the Three Musketeers, British electric … Read more

The death of card. Pelt. Gracias: ‘Man of faith, without resentment’

Former archbishop of Sydney and Melbourne and prefect of the Vatican dicastery for the economy died suddenly in Rome at the age of 81. He had spent more than 400 days in prison for defamatory accusations of pedophilia later ruled unfounded by the Australian Supreme Court. The memory of the archbishop of Mumbai: “In September … Read more