Richard Malka, lawyer for ‘Charlie Hebdo’ threatened with death: “We have the right to fear Islam”

And what if freedom of expression did not draw an ascending line in time, but rather a parenthesis? Specifically, one that opens in the 70s of the last century and closes today. That is what someone who has all the experience and legitimacy to talk about the subject raises: Richard Malka, the lawyer from the … Read more

Gerard Kleczewski. Banality of evil, fear and truth… Three concepts under the microscope at In Press Éditions

Founded in 1997 by France Perrot, In Press editions publish nearly 60 books each year on psychoanalysis, psychology, personal development, spirituality and health. For more than a quarter of a century, the team at Boulevard de l’Hôpital in Paris has grown and developed, while maintaining a high level of intellectual rigor, which is not incompatible … Read more

From fear to recognition | Homily of October 9, 2022 at…

Leprosy arouses in everyone a more or less controlled fear. Without necessarily having seen a person with this disease up close, popular imagery or photos are enough to create reluctance and even a feeling of repulsion. The fear of contagion is established and never would we spontaneously think of the desire to approach a leper. … Read more

The obstacles for women to get out of gender violence | Fear of consequences is the main reason for avoiding reporting

“When I decided not to let him in anymore, I said: I’m going to report it, but… what if he finds me on the street?” “Going to the police station was embarrassing, having to talk about your problems in front of other people, counting, because they asked you like that, in front of the whole … Read more

Cristianxs LGBTIQ+: “With the will that fear does not prevent us from putting our light on the table”

After this obligatory break, we were able to meet again at the Franciscan House of Spirituality in our ‘Chipiona Meeting’ with the intention of taking great care of the playful aspect, coexistence and mutual enrichment, and the training activities We were able to reflect on feminism and the challenge for churches to integrate half of … Read more

Marlene Kuntz, here is Karma Clima: ‘We fear the indifference of the people’

Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on show news Karma Clima is the traveling project of Marlene Kuntz which has led the band from October 2021 throughout Italy, in search of those realities that are a model in the field of eco-sustainability and in the name of the ethical duty to create a … Read more

The Pope, after the NATO summit: “Peace is not built on the balance of arms or on reciprocal fear”

Javier Martinez-BrocalCONTINUE Correspondent in the Vatican Updated:07/03/2022 1:22 p.m. Save RELATED NEWS A few days before the NATO summit in Madrid, but without mentioning it explicitly, the Pope has assured that he is concerned about the lack of “a global peace project”, and that peace based on the “balance of arms or the reciprocal fear” … Read more