Ada Negri: the pain for the death of her daughter gave her back her faith

The spirituality of the poet Ada Negri who, through the atrocious pain of the death of her daughter at just one month old, rediscovered her faith in Christ through the Heavenly Mother The November 13, 2022 issue of the weekly Mary with you hosts an interesting article on poet Ada Negriwhose lyrical stature has been … Read more

A love story is pain and rebirth: it all depends on us

One man, three women, one shaman. A story that winds its way between two worlds: on the one hand politics, with the hypocrisies and tricks of legal technocracy, on the other Eastern philosophies, Celtic myths and rites. It is the common thread of “Room 1057. Suddenly that night” the novel by Ulisse Spinnato Vega, 47 … Read more

#WARPPresenta Interview with Alejandro González Iñárritu: pain, soul and contradiction

// By: Ernesto Cruz Wed 30 November, 2022 Interview: Linda Cruz // Photos: Gray Curtain «History is written by the victors” said Walter Benjamin, the philosopher of the defeated. And it is that one of the most complex -and painful- processes of human development is to realize that the review of the past is nothing … Read more

[Homenaje] Hernán Ortega Parada: Thinking and writing will bring pleasure and pain

On Saturday, November 19, after the funeral rites, after having said goodbye to my dear friend at the cinerary portal, where the last propitiatory fire awaited him, I returned to his house in Olmué, where we toasted the gods of the word, auguring a luminous reception in the nameless place. By Edmund Moure Rojas Posted … Read more

A French NGO fights against pain in Cambodia

Unknown to the general public, the NGO Douleurs Sans Frontières (DSF) has nevertheless been working for more than 25 years in the service of underprivileged Cambodian populations. It is only recently that the fight against pain has really entered the field of medicine. Trivialized for a long time by health professionals and civil society, it … Read more

The pain caused by racism unites young Catholics in the US.

Coming into contact with young people of other ethnic groups who suffer the same, and experiencing how Jesus does not reject anyone because of the color of their skin is one of the keys to youth ministry in the USA. Journeying Together, the event that brought together leading Catholic youth leaders from six different cultural … Read more

Jesus Christ Superstar, the cry of pain for Ukraine at the Sistine Chapel

Monday 28 March 2022 – 17:01 Jesus Christ Superstar, the cry of pain for Ukraine at the Sistine Chapel The new tour starts again, Ted Neeley is Jesus. Frankie Hi-Nrg is Herod Rome, March 28 (askanews) – The legendary Ted Neeley is back in the role of Jesus, Frankie Hi-Nrg interprets Herod in a hip-hop … Read more