Death of historian Alain Besançon, figure of anti

DISAPPEARANCE – The historian died on Sunday at the age of 91. Portrait of a disciple of Raymond Aron who built a considerable and unclassifiable body of work. “II was born rue Guynemer, at the corner of rue de Vaugirard, in front of the Luxembourg garden, on the first floor, in the evening. My mother … Read more


At Casa Cervi, like every year, the historic Pastasciutta Antifascista returns, the famous Festival celebrated outdoors in the “ai Campirossi” Park and born thanks to the Cervi family, who on 25 July 1943 celebrated the dismissal and arrest of Benito Mussolini by offering the pasta to all those present in the square of nearby Campegine. … Read more

Avatar 2, inconsistencies in the path of water: An anti

By Alejandro Ayala Polanco After the premiere of Avatar 2: The Path of Waterthere will be viewers who will praise its special effects and action scenes, and they will do so with good reason, since they are undoubtedly exceptional. Along with them, there will be others who will be captivated by their message of communion … Read more

In the footsteps of Aline Sitoé Diatta, mysterious anti

The one who is also nicknamed “the queen of Kabrousse”, born in 1920 in this small village in the south of the country, and died in 1944 in Timbuktu, in present-day Mali, embodies the anti-colonial struggle in Senegal and has become the heroine most famous of Casamance, a territory sandwiched between Gambia to the north … Read more

Russia is about to strengthen the anti

Homosexuality was a criminal offense in Russia until 1993. (Depiction) Moscow: Russian lawmakers on Monday called for a tougher anti-gay law and the Kremlin ordered costly patriotic education projects as Moscow pursues its conservative policies in the country and its troops fight in Ukraine. Russia’s lower house of parliament, the Duma, held a consultation session … Read more

In Lyon, pastoral actors are trained in the fight against anti

“Anti-Semitism appears as a virus that has always infects the world: it only changes appearance depending on the situation. » This Tuesday, October 12, Jean-Dominique Durand, the president of the Judeo-Christian Friendship of France (AJCF), speaks before an assembly made up of religious, lay people or associative actors, Catholics, Protestants or Jews. All are gathered … Read more

CAM Communiqué: Accuses “political persecution” and “we assume our national liberation struggle as anti

This morning the following Communiqué from the Arauco Malleco Coordinator, CAM, will be released, which we reproduce in full: CAM PUBLIC COMMUNICATIONIN THE FACE OF THE PERMANENT POLITICAL PERSECUTION AND IMPRISONMENT OF OUR SPOKESPERSON AND OUR PU WEICHAFE, the communities in resistance in political alliance with the Arauco Malleco Coordinator, After a trawun held on … Read more

Indigenous Women for Good Living: an anti

The Movement of Indigenous Women and Diversities for Good Living is made up of women and diversities from the 36 original nations that inhabit the Argentine territory. They walk together, they call each other “sisters”, and they speak out against terricide. They understand that the anti-patriarchal struggle is incomplete if it is not also presented … Read more

Bill Gates’ Anti

In a recent interview at TechCrunch 2022, Bill Gates once again voiced his opposition to cryptocurrencies and NFTs, stating that average investors should not follow the example of celebrities investing in cryptocurrencies. A recent article in Interesting engineering States, Gates said these digital assets were “100% based on a dumber theory,” that investors make money … Read more