Richard Malka, lawyer for ‘Charlie Hebdo’ threatened with death: “We have the right to fear Islam”

And what if freedom of expression did not draw an ascending line in time, but rather a parenthesis? Specifically, one that opens in the 70s of the last century and closes today. That is what someone who has all the experience and legitimacy to talk about the subject raises: Richard Malka, the lawyer from the … Read more

3 questions to Isabelle Richard and Jean Fontanieu – Protestant Views

Is mutual aid inscribed in the DNA of the FEP? JF: By mutual aid, we must on the one hand understand “mutual aid” between associations, that is to say the possibility, within a federation whose members are fraternal and benevolent towards each other, of s help, when for example a large foundation intervenes with a … Read more

The spirit of Alphonse Allais crowns Claude Lelouch, Lola Sémonin, Anny Duperey and Richard Fussner

Filmmaker Claude Lelouch, novelist Lola Sémonin, actress Anny Duperey and oenologist Richard Fussner were crowned by the Alphonse Allais Academy in 2022. Alphonse Allais Academy WE WERE THERE – The Academy dedicated to humour, represented by its chancellor Xavier Jaillard and its “prefect of morals” François Rollin, presented the Jules Renard, René de Obaldia and, … Read more

Richard Harris: Dumbledore’s Life of Excesses

Film and theater actor, as well as singer, Richard Harris for most of us it is mostly the gray-haired Albus silente in the famous transposition for the big screen of Harry Potter. The Irish interpreter in his career, however, also takes part in many other important films: in remembering him, a few years after his … Read more

Richard Gere: «Il successo di Pretty Woman mi colse di sorpresa»

Si è appena conclusa con successo la 19esima edizione del Magna Graecia Film Festival (ideato e diretto da Gianvito Casadonte), che ha portato in Calabria (per la precisione a Catanzaro) tanti film, documentari e personaggi italiani e internazionali. Tra le star più attese Richard Gere, che ha incontrato la stampa (sia in presenza che via … Read more

Richard Scófano will give a concert with the New Mexico Philharmonic

After the historic presentation of the bandoneon player from Corrientes at Ciudade Das Artes in Rio de Janeiro together with the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra, on September 17 and 18, Scófano will have a new international presentation. On this occasion he will also perform as a soloist, his own “La Tierra sin mal”, concerto for bandoneon; … Read more

Richard Prasquier. The Bretslovers in Uman

Speaking of the Hassidim of Bratslav, (Bretslover in Yiddish), we do not completely avoid the news. War, cut airlines and warnings from the governments of Ukraine, Israel, or the United States, nothing helped, the Bretslovers returned to Uman for Rosh Hashanah, 20,000 they say, not far of the 40,000 in the years before Covid. Rabbi … Read more

Richard Gere: «The success of Pretty Woman took me by surprise»

The 19th edition of the Magna Graecia Film Festival has just ended successfully (conceived and directed by Gianvito Casadonte), which brought many Italian and international films, documentaries and personalities to Calabria (to be precise to Catanzaro). Among the most anticipated stars Richard Gere, who met the press (both in presence and via streaming) to have … Read more

Richard Gere: “Festivals will save the collective experience of seeing a film”

Host of the Magna Grecia Film Festival, Richard Gere took the opportunity to remember the importance of community, art and the pursuit of one’s own happiness. Richard Gere is one of the protagonists of the edition number 19 of Magna Grecia Film Festivalthe event conceived and directed by Gianvito Casadonte, and during the meeting with … Read more