Death of Pierre Lacotte, a dance master

Aurélie Dupont had allowed the choreographer (photographed here in 2013) to reconnect with choreography, in September 2021, at 89 years old. ALEXANDER NEMENOV / AFP Nicknamed “the archaeologist of ballet”, the French dancer and choreographer died at the age of 91. He devoted his life to reconstructing 19th century ballets. A master. Such was Pierre … Read more

Read or reread: anthology in tribute to the Congolese writer Pierre Ntsemou

Increasingly, some want to break with the culture of posthumous tributes because, according to them, ” it is alive that we must love each other!”. With the same enthusiasm and all fascinated by the writings as well as the personality of the Congolese writer Pierre Ntsemou, thirty-five authors from Congo and elsewhere have set out … Read more

“Let those who are far return”, by Pierre Adrian

After resurrecting 1970s Italy and exploring spirituality in a Pyrenean monastery (The Pasolini Trail, The Good Boys and Simple Souls published by Équateurs), Pierre Adrian publishes with Gallimard Let those who are far come back. Augustian and family holidays in the depths of Brittany. After years of absence, the young narrator returns to spend a … Read more

“It’s intimidating”: actor Benjamin Lavernhe tells how he played Abbé Pierre

9:35 p.m., July 30, 2022 On the set of the film ” Abbot stone “a real first biopic on the founder of Emmaüs and directed by Frédéric Tellier, the JDD was able to speak with Benjamin Lavernhe, who plays the star priest. Between pleasure and difficulty, the actor, member of the Comédie-Française, tells how he … Read more