Richard Malka, lawyer for ‘Charlie Hebdo’ threatened with death: “We have the right to fear Islam”

And what if freedom of expression did not draw an ascending line in time, but rather a parenthesis? Specifically, one that opens in the 70s of the last century and closes today. That is what someone who has all the experience and legitimacy to talk about the subject raises: Richard Malka, the lawyer from the … Read more

In France, the controversial journey of the Moroccan imam threatened with expulsion

The Moroccan imam Hassan Iquioussen, whom the French government wants to expel because of his vision of Islam deemed “contrary to the values ​​of the Republic”, is a man of ambiguous speech, close to the Muslim Brotherhood and well established in the north of France. Legal dispute, political controversy, media battle: the debates around the … Read more

Immigrant threatened because of license plate number beginning with ‘1S1S’

Nouman, who arrived in the country with his mother and brother just over 10 years ago, hoped that Canada would bring him much-needed security and peace of mind after leaving a country that was then under threat of a seizure of power by Taliban militants. He had no idea that a license plate obtained last … Read more

Don Mimmo Battaglia, appeal for Torre Annunziata: “Community threatened by crime”

“Our ecclesial community shares the concerns recently expressed by some trade union organizations and signed by many associations present in the territory of Torre Annunziata And Castellammare di Stabia. As a Church we are witnesses of a disoriented social fabric where a a climate of mistrust towards the institutions and where entire areas of the … Read more