Ada Negri: the pain for the death of her daughter gave her back her faith

The spirituality of the poet Ada Negri who, through the atrocious pain of the death of her daughter at just one month old, rediscovered her faith in Christ through the Heavenly Mother The November 13, 2022 issue of the weekly Mary with you hosts an interesting article on poet Ada Negriwhose lyrical stature has been … Read more

The sweet home video that David Bowie’s daughter posted to remember him

The daughter of David Bowie he remembered his father seven years after his death. It was with an emotional home video where she he sees her playing the keyboard with her father. Alexandria Zahra Jones, 22, posted the images on her Instagram account. “Seven years. Miss you”, were the words chosen by the daughter of … Read more

The most read of 2022. Roberto Vecchioni: «I discovered that my wife was cheating on me. My lesbian daughter? Always knew (and never minded)»

Of Catherine Ruggi of Aragon The singer-songwriter talks about himself when presenting his new album: “Young people should be curious like Ulysses” “And if you can’t run / or even walk / I’ll teach you to fly”. The song that Roberto Vecchioni and Francesco Guccini dedicate to Alex Zanardi is a hymn to life, always … Read more

Emilia Attias and the Turk Naim Sibara: a hidden camera, 18 years of love with freedom, three weddings and a daughter

They met recording a hidden camera of video match, 18 years ago. And although it was not a crush, they had chemistry and began to frequent each other, they became friends and fell in love. Emilia Attias and the Turk Naim Sibara they are 21 years apart, but that difference is just a detail in … Read more

Gué Pequeno “Few acknowledgments from colleagues and fans” / Birth of the daughter and the new album

GUE PEQUENO AT THE TIM MUSIC AWARDS 2022 There will be also Gue Pequeno in the rich cast of artists who animate the two evenings (9 and 10 September) of the expected Tim Music Awards dedicated to the panorama of Italian music and in which prizes are awarded for the albums (and singles) certified Gold, … Read more

What happens to Suri Cruise, the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise?

She was certainly the child of stars most photographed by the paparazzi in the 2000s. people has continued to scrutinize, comment and headline on the appearances of the girl. Today, Suri Cruise is 16 years old, 1.75m tall and lives in New York with her mother, Katie Holmes. While walking her dog named Morkie with … Read more