William Levy and Carmen Villalobos: the reason why the couple never had an affair

Written in CELEBRITIES the 1/7/2023 00:10 a.m. The remake of the successful telenovela “Woman-fragranced coffee” continues to conquer the hearts of many around the world, even more so after its launch in December 2021 on the renowned Netflix platform. This is why its main characters have been under scrutiny, two of them are William Levy … Read more

Learning between reason and faith, by Pilar Rahola

Beyond the Pope Benedict XVII’m interested in theologian Joseph Ratzinger. And I begin like this because I am aware that this simple affirmation turns the stomach of classical anti-clericalism, whose tendency to the most bungled simplification considerably damages the rationalism that it claims to defend. Also, it goes without saying that right away the rosary … Read more

Federico Lombardi: “The great contribution of Benedict XVI has been to show reason in the Christian faith”

“The Pope Benedict XVI He said that he was aware that his charisma and potentiality were a good presentation of the Christian faith in the world and in today’s culture. ANDthere was his strength. He tried to use this force in his pontificate and in general, in his work to serve the Church and humanity … Read more

Benedict XVI, Vatican: “Pope Emeritus has died”. A last farewell to the coherence between spirituality, reason and faith

(ASI) Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI died in the Mater Ecclesiae monastery. He had resided here since his resignation from the ministry of Pontiff, communicated to the world on February 11, 2013 (his election, as the 256th Successor of Peter, took place on April 19, 2005). He “died today at 9:34, in the Mater Ecclesiae Monastery … Read more

Isabel la Católica “is urgently waiting to be canonized” and for this reason the UCAV pays tribute to her

“Everyone should see Queen Elizabeth as a saintand God will grant it”: with these words, the person in charge of the Commission for the Beatification of Isabel la Católica Jose Luis Rubio Willen has been trying to highlight for years the importance of popular devotion to the same. It might seem nonsense since she has … Read more

The obstacles for women to get out of gender violence | Fear of consequences is the main reason for avoiding reporting

“When I decided not to let him in anymore, I said: I’m going to report it, but… what if he finds me on the street?” “Going to the police station was embarrassing, having to talk about your problems in front of other people, counting, because they asked you like that, in front of the whole … Read more

Marion Cotillard elegant and bankable, these proposed millions, the reason for her flight to LA

If Marion Cotillard made the decision to spend more and more time in Los Angeles, where she would have acquired a residence at more than 5 million dollars, it would be to give a new boost to her American career. And she could take her children with her, much to the regret of Guillaume Canet, … Read more