Death of actor and committed Christian Clarence Gilyard

Died at 66 on Monday, November 28, actor Clarence Gilyard was known for having participated in various films and television productions, mainly the series “Walker, Texas Ranger”. He was much less so for his roles in faith-based movies. Indeed, the artist was a committed Christian. Of all the roles of Clarence Gilyard, it is that … Read more

The Christian concert of the year arrives with Nico Montero, César Hidalgo and Antonio Mata

Nico Montero has a gold record, he has 17 albums, with well-known songs such as ‘Firm in Faith’, ‘The Lord is my pastor’ and ‘Busco algo más’ Cesar Hidalgo has triumphed with his four albums of varied themes and styles. Antonio Mata has become one of the singer-songwriters with the greatest projection on the current … Read more

Actualités Italie :: le frère Célestin Christian NGOURA MVOUTSI Séminariste vient de publier la sacramentalité de l’églis :: Italy news


Le Frère Célestin Christian Ngoura Mvoutsi est un Camerounais qui vit à Rome en Italie. Séminariste, il fait partie de la congrégation des Pères Maristes plus connu sous l’appellation la Société de Marie, il vient de publier à l’édition Harmattan un livre intitulé « la sacramentalité de l’église. »  L’équipe de l’a rencontré et … Read more

Canada: the Christian religion in decline – Protestant Perspectives


Canada’s religious Christian population is plummeting. This is the finding of the last census carried out in the country. When the population of the Christian Church represented 77.1% of the population in 2001, it represents only 53.3% of the population in 2021, according to data published by Statistics Canada. But this impressive decline is not … Read more

“Garabandal’s message is Christian, but it remains unfinished because there is a wave of ingratitude”


Interview with Fr. José Rolando Cabeza, parish priest of San Sebastián de Garabandal On October 18, 1961, in the village of San Sebastián de Garabandal, in Cantabria (Spain), a message was heard that was allegedly transmitted by Our Lady: “Many sacrifices must be made, much penance. We have to visit the Blessed Sacrament often. But … Read more

Become a Christian actor: 3 days to welcome a character


From August 18 to 20, 2022, Daniel Rabourdin and his team sign their return to the diocese with a Christian film actor training course. A great first in France for those who wish to experience an initiation into the profession of actor or those who feel called to speak of their faith through a particular … Read more

Conversion of actor Shia LaBeouf: “Let’s stop putting Christian figures on a pedestal”


Born to a Pentecostal father and an Ashkenazi Jewish mother, Shia LaBeouf grew up in Jewish tradition. While playing a Christian in the film Fury, released in 2014, the actor declared at the time to have converted to Christianity. In a recent interview on YouTube granted to Robert Barron, bishop of Winona-Rochester (State of New … Read more

At the Bloom by Christian Ventura restaurant, plant

Reading time: 6 mins An essential trend on the other side of the Atlantic, vegan sushi is coming to Bloom. Open since September, the Parisian table of the moment offers it from every angle: overflowing with avocado, crispy in a tempura dress, etc. At the Bloom restaurant, the Futomaki Paradise. | Antoine Kralik An obsession … Read more

‘Mindfulness’ is also a Christian word


“The publisher Desclée De Brouwer, attentive to the signs of the times, from the window of the ‘To the four winds’ collection, has just launched the new title Mindfulness for Christians” “It is signed by Rafael Pardo, ‘author of numerous books on spirituality, psychology and history, establishing a dialogue between these disciplines’” “Do I practice … Read more