La sorpresa de Christian Gálvez a Patricia Pardo por su cumpleaños: “Dar con alguien así es un milagro”

Christian Gálvez y Patricia Pardo están más unidos que nunca. Desde que anunciaban su paternidad en redes sociales el pasado mes de julio, han sido muchas las muestras de amor que han recibido. La última ha sido en el 40 cumpleaños de la presentadora de Mediaset donde hemos podido ver como su marido, Christian Gálvez … Read more

Christian Gálvez fulfills his dream with Patricia Pardo with a well

Christian Gálvez, is living a happiest moment with his partner, Cristina Pardo. His program, ’25 words’, grows little by little in audience and every time it “reaches more people” as he himself has highlighted on his social networks. Christian Gálvez’s space is the leader of its broadcast slot in commercial target and in audiences between … Read more

Pat Robertson, icon of Christian television in the US, died

Pat Robertson, longtime television host, evangelical communicator, educator, and one-time presidential candidate, died at his Virginia Beach home early Thursday morning. He was 93 years old. Perhaps best known for his prayers and political commentary on The 700 Club, the flagship program of his media ministry, Robertson’s rise to fame is rooted in what he … Read more

Can a Christian celebrate Mother’s Day? – Protestant looks

A troublesome past I know very well that this holiday has nothing to do with Christianity. It dates from 1906 and was reactivated by the Vichy regime to exalt the mothers of large families, pillars of the Nation. But, despite this heavy past, if this celebration continues, it is because it corresponds to a deep … Read more

UCSD and Multimedios Vida agree to continue promoting Christian values ​​through education

UCSD and Multimedios Vida agree to continue promoting Christian values ​​through education EL NUEVO DIARIO, SANTO DOMINGO.- The Universidad Católica Santo Domingo (UCSD) and Los Multimedios Vida of the Archdiocese of Santo Domingo signed to continue promoting Christian values ​​through education, social communication and culture. The agreement was signed in the oval room of the … Read more

Is Christian Nodal single again? Mhoni Vidente talked about his love life

Christian Nodal he turned 24 on January 11. The Mexican regional music performer had a rather hectic 2023 in love affairs, since he started it committed to Belinda and ended it in love with Cazzu. Mhoni Vidente decided, at the beginning of this year, to reveal what fate has in store for the interpreter of … Read more

Christian mystical delusion and prophetic devotion to Trump

The former Trump minister, in times of mandatory confinement by Covid 19, arranged with Clay Clark, a man from Oklahoma who held meetings despite the state provision, managed to hold the ReAwaken America Tour at the Spooky Nook sports venue in Pennsylvania, on October 21, without wearing masks as they consider the Coronavirus a ‘lie’. … Read more

Spirituality. This is why mindfulness can challenge Christian believers

WikiCommons In the West, the phenomenon of disaffection with historical religious traditions is increasingly spreading. In this sense, there has recently been talk of the “none”, that is, those who claim to have no religious affiliation. At the same time, we are witnessing the rapid affirmation of individual and community practices centered on inner refinement, … Read more