William Levy and Carmen Villalobos: the reason why the couple never had an affair

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The remake of the successful telenovela “Woman-fragranced coffee” continues to conquer the hearts of many around the world, even more so after its launch in December 2021 on the renowned Netflix platform.

This is why its main characters have been under scrutiny, two of them are William Levy who played the lead playing Sebastián Vallejo and Carmen Villalobos who put on the skin of Lucía Sanclemente, the antagonist in the novel.

In the novel, Lucía and Sebastián are married almost by accident and love is not their forteeven less when Gaviota (Laura Londono) appears in the lives of both.

In any case, real life is another and for a long time there were strong rumors that the actors Levy and Villalobos yes they could be dating. What is the truth?

Carmen Villalobos talks about her relationship with William Levy

William Levy and Carmen Villalobos were a couple in the novel “Coffee with the aroma of a woman”In the adaptation of the production there was great chemistry between them and respect from the actors. However, speculation was not long in coming and it was rumored whether the two could have some kind of relationship beyond friendship and off set. For many that was the question.

It should be noted that William Levy and Carmen Villalobos they have a friendship forged for several years, a bond that was reinforced when making the new version of the novel.

However, the Colombian actress denied the followers of the series and clarified that, despite the fact that she had a great relationship with the Cuban actor, she never got to see him as a possible match.

At the time and in an interview with the well-known Mexican program “Suelta la sopa”, the actress decided to deny the rumors at the root: “I adore William, he has a very cool energy, he is pure deliciousness. He has what we costeños have. They constantly tell me: ‘Stay with William!’” This clarified the doubts.

The deal carried out by Sebastián Caicedo and Carmen Villalobos after their divorce

for months Carmen Villalobos lasted dodging rumors in the face of an alleged break with her husband Sebastián Caicedo.

In the end, they confirmed their separation through a video made by the Barranquillera in which the actress assured that these would be the only statements she would make in this regard: “I imagine that for many it is a surprise, for others not so much, but as you know that the most important thing for me will always be that your happiness prevail. Out of respect for the good times and memories of this relationship, these will be the only statements I will give.”

Although the ex-partner had no children during their more than 10-year relationship, In their home they had three dogs that they adored as such, their names Freud, Mambo and Capuchin.

After their divorce, the actors decided that, apparently, one of their puppies was with the actor. According to the most recent publications of the antagonist of “Coffee with the aroma of a woman”, Capuchino, the largest dog of the three, would remain in the hands of the 41-year-old from Cali.

A few days ago on her social networks, the actress said goodbye to “Capu” with great pain: “Who sees you so big, but you are spoiled. I love you with my soul Capu, and it will be like this forever, thank you for these two years filled with so much love, for many dogs are just that, dogs, but for others they are part of our family and that will always be my Capu, a member more of this family.”

The woman from Barranquilla pointed out that the puppy will live on her ex-husband’s farm: “From the beginning we had an agreement; I was going to have Capuchino until this date and then I would deliver himCapu is going to be happier than he was… They take him to Medellín, to a farm house, he is going to have other little brothers… It is difficult, it is complicated, but agreements are agreements”.

After a few hours of the actress’s statements, the man from Cali published some videos of “Capu” running around the farm and enjoying nature.

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William Levy and Carmen Villalobos: the reason why the couple never had an affair