Learning between reason and faith, by Pilar Rahola

Beyond the Pope Benedict XVII’m interested in theologian Joseph Ratzinger. And I begin like this because I am aware that this simple affirmation turns the stomach of classical anti-clericalism, whose tendency to the most bungled simplification considerably damages the rationalism that it claims to defend. Also, it goes without saying that right away the rosary … Read more

Great success for the 17th PEM! Festival that closes with Luca Morino of Mau Mau and Pilar Fogliati

UNTIL ON OCTOBER 1ST THE PIEDMONT REVIEW OF MEETINGS, STORIES AND SONGS, IN SAN SALVATORE, VALENZA, LU-CUCCARO, MIRABELLO, BALZOLA, ALESSANDRIA, RIVE, PONTESTURA WITH THE ARTISTIC DIRECTION OF ENRICO DEREGIBUS Great responses from the public for the 17th “PeM! Festival – Parole e Musica in Monferrato”, the Piedmontese event of meetings, stories and songs with the … Read more

Tourism in Spain: the Virgin of Pilar brings the Hispanic world to Zaragoza

The Virgin of the Pilar is not only the patron saint of Zaragoza: she is also that of Spain and of the entire Hispanic world. If the Pilar celebrations revolve around October 12, it is because the Spanish national holiday commemorates the day when Christopher Columbus set foot in America, October 12, 1492. In other … Read more