María del Carmen González, escritora: “No me gusta catalogar personajes como buenos y malos”

Naturaleza y espiritualidad Los textos -cuentos y novelas- de María del Carmen González López (Jerez, 1975) hacen continuas alusiones a esa naturaleza que tanto admira y disfruta cuando puede, pero también a la espiritualidad de las creencias de otras religiones, de latitudes muy alejadas de aquí; sobre todo, aquellas que tienen que ver con la … Read more

Carmen Machi, Lola Dueñas y Ana Rujas, protagonistas de ‘La Mesías’ de Los Javis, confiesan su vínculo con la religión desde que eran niñas

Hoy, 11 de octubre, llegan a Movistar Plus+ los primeros dos episodios de ‘La Mesías’, la esperada nueva serie escrita y dirigida por Javier Calvo y Javier Ambrossi. Después de éxitos como ‘La Llamada’, ‘Paquita Salas’ y ‘Veneno’, la pareja de creadores, tal y como han admitido, se ha enfrentado al proyecto “más ambicioso, reposado … Read more

William Levy and Carmen Villalobos: the reason why the couple never had an affair

Written in CELEBRITIES the 1/7/2023 00:10 a.m. The remake of the successful telenovela “Woman-fragranced coffee” continues to conquer the hearts of many around the world, even more so after its launch in December 2021 on the renowned Netflix platform. This is why its main characters have been under scrutiny, two of them are William Levy … Read more

Sebastián Caicedo, after his separation from Carmen Villalobos, spoke about his future: “I see myself in a relationship, I don’t know if with children”

Sebastian Caicedo. Instagram Until a few months ago, one of the most stable couples in the Colombian entertainment industry was the one made up of the actors Carmen Villalobos and Sebastian Caicedo, who were together for 13 years, but recently revealed that they were divorced. Many rumors arose as a result of this rupture; but … Read more

The church of the Virgen del Carmen, 40 years being a symbol of Aguadulce

The church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen de Aguadulce celebrated its first forty years of life a few days ago. Four decades in which this unique building has become one of the most representative figures of the Rock town, thanks to its original design, the work of the architect Antonio Ortiz Gacto. The Aguadulce parish … Read more

Carmen Gloria Calfiqueo, teacher and community leader in Temuco: “There are establishments that are the backyard of municipal education”

Calfiqueo Calfullán, indicated that the impact that inherited decisions are having on the legitimate demands of the Mapuche educational and cultural high school community, an establishment located at the foot of Cerro Ñielol, is dramatic. Access to the Technological Bicentennial Lyceum in Temuco, at the foot of Cerro Ñielol Profanation and sacrilege of sacred spaces … Read more

Kiko Argüello communicates to the Pope the opening of the process of beatification of Carmen Hernández, initiator of the Neocatechumenal Way

by redaccioninfovaticana | June 28, 2022 Pope Francis received yesterday in the Paul VI Hall a large group of families of the Neocatechumenal Way, led by Kiko Argüello, who will be sent to the mission. In the audience with Pope Francis, the initiator of the Neocatechumenal Way, Kiko Argüello, has advanced the next opening in … Read more

Zeffirelli lives forever. Ovation for Carmen at the Verona Arena

Verona, 18 June 2022 – The question is: do you really die forever? Because the soul of the Master Franco Zeffirelli also last night she was alive, very lively at the debut of the season that inaugurated the 99th Opera Festival 2022 atArena of Verona with a full house of 13 thousand spectators. Here, in … Read more

Neocatechumenals: Carmen Hernández, in the process of beatification, announces Argüello to the Pope

The Pontiff, without a prepared speech, has invited the Neocatechumenal Way to continue to be a “gift of the Spirit”, with an evangelization that is respectful of cultures and that walks with the bishops “The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not mine: it belongs to Jesus Christ. It adapts to different cultures, but it is … Read more

Why is Carmen Villalobos no longer seen with her husband Sebastián Caicedo

For many years Carmen Villalobos and Sebastian Caicedo They have been one of the most solid and famous couples in the artistic environment in Colombia. The romance united them for 13 years and everything was going very well in the relationship of the artists; but in recent weeks the actors have not published together on … Read more