Christmas. Meet the artisans of good news [1/3]

Our editorial On Christmas night, the good news is the business of the angels first. What do they say? Something fundamentally good is happening in this world! By installing our little plaster and wood nativity scenes, how can we find their meaning? Because this good news springs from what is both the most common and … Read more

VIDEO. An adventurer from the Vosges leaves to meet the Inuits and Indians of Amazonia

Navigator, adventurer but also filmmaker, Florent Defay is interested in endangered ethnic groups all over the world. After ten months spent with the Inuits, in Greenland, the Vosgien begins his new journey, to meet the Indians of Amazonia. He gives us his news a few minutes before his departure. All about: The Festival of Lights … Read more

“Politics and spirituality: a winning duo? » : meet the…

The day of the Lord continues its program of events around Véronick Beaulieu’s series Theologies in sharing. Tuesday, February 7, take part in a meeting “Politics and spirituality: a winning duo?” at Forum 104 and online. The day of the Lord examines the question of the association of generations in the co-construction of a desirable … Read more

Meet El Lobo, the Basque who put the terrorist group ETA in check

Many, many Spaniards, mainly for reasons of age, do not know who he is Mikel LejarzaThe wolf. Basque from head to toe with no relation to the militia, the Police or the Civil Guard, Mikel Lejarza was and continues to be a bravewho had the audacity to infiltrate the terrorist group ETA in 1973, climb … Read more

Famous artists and actors will meet with the Pope to “revolutionize culture”

The International Vitae Foundation announced that the first edition of the event will take place in the Vatican on August 31 and September 1: VITAE SUMMIT Harnessing the arts, media and entertainment to trigger a cultural transformation that promotes the common good, hope and the encounter between people on a global level. This is the … Read more

“Thanks to Emancipation I understood the suffering that brings us to meet God”

From Los Angeles Emancipation, the film available on Apple TV+ starring Will Smith (excluded from yesterday’s Golden Globes nominations) seems like the right project to make him atone for the unacceptable behavior he held at the Oscar ceremony when, after an unfortunate joke against his wife, the actor slapped colleague Chris Rock. Directed by Antoine … Read more

Edoardo Camurri, come and meet Il “Ramo d’oro

The relationship that has always existed between the speaker and the listener, sitting around a fire, telling a story, listening to it, discussing it remains unsurpassed today”. That’s why Edoardo Camurri, writer, journalist, author and Rai television presenter , once the ‘Maestri’ experience is over, he lands on TV with a new program “Discovering the … Read more

Young European rabbis meet in Barcelona to “empower leaders for the next decade”

Barcelona hosts this weekend the Congress of European Young Rabbisin which the Chief Rabbi of Moscow, Pinchas Goldschmidt, participates exiled from Russia for refusing to support Putin’s military invasion in Ukraine. The meeting reviews the challenges of Jewish religious leaders in Europe. It is organized in this edition by the Israeli Community of Barcelona, ​​and … Read more