Vanina Gramuglia, the “astrologer” of Big Brother 2007: her romance with an ex of Nicole Neumann and her spiritual path in angelology

The entrance of Vanina Gramuglia to Big Brother 2007 Vanina Gramuglia was one of the protagonists of one of the most remembered editions of Big Brother, that of 2007, with milestones that are remembered until today. The consecration of Marianela Mirrahis spontaneous to diego leonardithe takeoff of Claudia Ciardonethe barrage of negative votes for Nadia … Read more

Edgar Vittorino: “At Pride, I am the first to go with a banner next to my brother”

Tenerife is the stage where the gay character who Edgar Vittorino interprets in Totally Completely Fine she meets her boyfriend. But this is not the only reason why the Colombian actor had a trip to the fascinating Canary Island pending. It is the first time of Edgar Vittorino in the Canary archipelago and, nevertheless, it … Read more

Spirituality and charity in the transcription of the Letters of Brother Biagio Conte edited by Anna Manno and Don Giovanni Vitale

Image from Agensir It is an epistolary of “Peace and Hope” kept in thepersonal archive by Monsignor Michele Pennisi. It’s a treasure of spirituality and charity the transcription of letters of Brother Biagio Conte to the archbishop emeritus of Monreale by Anna Manno and Don Giovanni Vitale. Starting from the meeting with young people who … Read more

Big Brother 2022: Laura Ubfal and “Coti” starred in a spicy crossover and the young woman went viral

There is no doubt that in recent years one of the drivers who has given the most talk has been Viviana Canosa, either for his explosive reports or for his opinions regarding Argentine politics. His abrupt departure from A24 He also placed her at the center of the media debate and after several months managed … Read more

Controversy in Big Brother 2022: Romina confessed that the production gave her information

The former deputy Romina Uhrig is one of the most popular participants of Big Brother 2022. With a strong personality, the little sister managed to conquer the hearts of thousands of fans of the most watched program on Argentine television. However, the young woman was left in the eye of the storm in the last … Read more

What happened to the life of Jésica Hereñú, one of the most outstanding participants of Big Brother 2011

Jésica Hereñú in 2011, in the casting photo (left) and in one of the many notes she gave (right, in Intruders) It was part of the sixth edition of Big Brotherthe one from 2011 that had the winner Christian U. And although she was the third to leave the House, jesica hereñu He knew how … Read more

“Beloved brother”: a religious experience that investigates the complexity of existence

With faith as a central element, a work intends to analyze the existence of God from multiple angles. Without losing laughter along the way beloved brotherthe work directed by Aníbal Gulluni, proposes a sensitive approach to a story where spirituality is clearly present and at the same time creates the possibility of reflecting on certain … Read more

The Missélé eba’a debate: To my brother Brice Laccruche Alihanga… |

Brice Laccruche Alihanga, former Chief of Staff to the Head of State. My brother, This December 03, 2022, it has been 3 years since you find yourself deprived of your freedom for more lame charges, one than the other. Initially, it was a case of embezzlement of public funds. To throw you in prison, your … Read more

Beautiful Dolores!: The sissy and brother Andalusia

Anyone who was not born, or at least lived part of their life, in Andalusia understands that it is difficult for them to understand what Holy Week means. The sum of sensory experience, popular religiosity, inherited customs and shared public space make it a singular manifestation that, from my point of view, has many connections … Read more