The actors of “The Chosen” speak exclusively for ALETEIA

Elizabeth Tabish, Noah James and Amber Williams tell in Madrid their experience filming the new version of the gospels that has broken schemes around the world We have something special for you. Find your employer for 2023!This saint will be your intercessor and support. Click the button below 👇 Click here At the end of … Read more

Avatar the Way of the Water: What Are the Actors Like?

Since its theatrical release, Avatar the Way of the Water hits the cinema. The story of a people’s fight to save their planet, and above all, the magnificent computer-generated images (CGI) to create landscapes and extraterrestrial creatures, fascinate us to the point that the film breaks all records. The CGI also allows very human actors … Read more

The actors of “The Chosen” speak exclusively at ALETEIA

Elizabeth Tabish, Noah James and Amber Williams talk in Madrid about their experience in shooting the new version of the Gospels that has broken the mold all over the world At the end of October, the Spanish capital came to a standstill when three of the many famous actors who are part of the beautiful … Read more

DC Extended Universe: the actors and characters who may not return

Compared to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC’s extended universe took a while to figure out which way to go, but still seems to hang in the balance. They didn’t help box office flop of films on which Warner Bros. bet a lotnor (perhaps above all) the quarrels, renunciations and complaints that have involved the protagonists … Read more

Repairing the rainbow: the play made by actors with autism that screams inclusion

The theater has become a powerful vehicle for inclusion for children and young people with autism, the soul of an artistic project in Medellin that paints the stage with colors a work that demands respect for diversity and invites us to combat exclusion. “Theater is for everyone,” Robinson Bedoya, the director of actors at the … Read more

The Chant: the actors reveal themselves in video

Prime matter and Brass Token unveiled an all-new trailer dedicated to the psychology and depth of the diverse and complex characters of The Song. In this video, find out why each of them came to Glory Island to participate in the Prismatic Spiritual Retreat. Learn how their minds work and how deep darkness runs deep … Read more

In the DrĂ´me, Church actors are trained in integral ecology

“It’s stimulating, because we understand that everything is linked and it gives us the inner motivation to act”, sums up Elizabeth. Last year, this retiree from DrĂ´me took part, with her husband, in the very first cycle of the Laudato si’ campus, in the diocese of Valence. Their group, made up of about twenty lay … Read more

Mexican actors drowned while filming a movie: filming continued despite the tragedy

Two Mexican actors drowned during the filming of the movie ‘Wedding Night’. According to information from witnesses, the victims, identified as Luis Manuel GutiĂ©rrez, 47, and Marco Antonio Curiel PĂ©rez, 46, were swept away by a current along with a third person who managed to be rescued. The tragedy took place on the coast of … Read more

The actors Karra Elejalde or David Verdaguer, among the cast that is filming the film ‘Kings against Santa’ these days in Toledo

The regional capital thus adds the recording of a new blockbuster that hopes to become the children’s comedy of Christmas 2022 04/05/2022 Toledodiary Filming of the film ‘Reyes contra Santa’ in Toledo / Photography: A. PĂ©rez Herrera // JCCM Toledo is the scene during these days of a new filming. This is the film ‘Reyes … Read more

“Such a change will not exist”: uncertainty in the union of actors due to the appointment of vice

To a large extent, the actors’ union supported President Gustavo Petro during his campaign. Despite the high expectations regarding the development of culture during the Government, the most recent appointment in the ICT Ministry turned out to be a disappointment for the sector. On his social networks, Julio CĂ©sar Herrera, recognized for his role as … Read more