Zen dedications at “Leaves and tea” in Saint Chamas

At the bookstore-tea room “Leaves and Teas” of Saint-Chamasthe charming and passionate owner Christelle offers you to meet two regional authors during a signing session on Saturday January 28 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., in partnership with the association ULet’s go. This magnificent friendly and warm meeting place offers a wide range of teas … Read more

VIDEO. An adventurer from the Vosges leaves to meet the Inuits and Indians of Amazonia

Navigator, adventurer but also filmmaker, Florent Defay is interested in endangered ethnic groups all over the world. After ten months spent with the Inuits, in Greenland, the Vosgien begins his new journey, to meet the Indians of Amazonia. He gives us his news a few minutes before his departure. All about: The Festival of Lights … Read more

Indigenous leader leaves an indelible legacy of defense of territory and women’s rights • Semanario Universidad

“She was a woman who never gave up, a person who fought until her last days, leaving that legacy for her family, for the territory,” said her sister Luzmilda Delgado. The Bribri indigenous leader Mariana Delgado Morales leaves her mark as a defender of the territory, of women’s rights and a recuperator of Bribri spirituality. … Read more

Genesis of an artist: Fabelmans leaves its mark Mountains and donkeys, friendships and cruelty

Perhaps it is fate that there is always a train at the beginning. Certainly even the first amazement is never forgotten. It even becomes an obsession. So when Sam Fabelmans, still a child, son of a computer engineer and a failed pianist forced to be a housewife, sees the spectacular accident on the tracks filmed … Read more

Latino cinema ‘leaves traces’

The Los Angeles International Latino Film Festival (LALIFF, for its acronym in English) is going strong in its 21st edition. After having adapted to the sanitary conditions imposed by COVID and adjusting its program to virtuality in 2021, this 2022 the renowned contest is reunited with an audience already eager to see, in person, the … Read more

‘Autumn leaves’: a hymn to Nature with a capital letter

Miguel de Santiago has written a book of poems in the “Prayer Manuals” collection of the PPC publishing house, which is itself a religious publishing house. This being the case, everything gives signs that it is a book on spirituality and, without ceasing to be one, it is not exactly one either. In the first … Read more

Christopher Uckermann, former RBD, leaves acting to live in spirituality

Christopher Uckermann credit: Bang Showbiz With almost 30 years of artistic career, countless awards and recognitions, as well as a long list of successful film and television productions, Mexican actor Christopher Uckermann has decided to retire from show business to focus on his spiritual facet. It was the former RBD member himself who shared the … Read more

The HOAC concludes its Summer Courses: “The best social policy is the one that leaves no one behind”

Under the title ‘Dreaming decent work, building practices of communion’, the Workers Brotherhood of Catholic Action (HOAC) carries out, from August 1 to 7 in Salamanca, a new edition of its Summer Courses, a space for deepening, dialogue and coexistence that has had more than 200 people between militants and sympathizers. “For six years we … Read more