The Black Heritage Choir’s gospel spirituality brings Christmas to the Palace

The Black Heritage Choir pays tribute to Aretha Franklin in their show. / DM The programming of the penultimate week of the year is completed with ‘Diptych on the fall’ on Intimate Wednesday’ Dance and music mark the programming of the Palacio de Festivales in the penultimate week of the year. The last date of … Read more

These are the surprises that the Aquarium Season 2023 brings

The intense and pragmatic capricorn season 2022 and we move on to the Aquarius season 2023, where freedom, energy and independence predominate. Astrologically speaking, the weather is ideal for brainstorming, practicing moving around, and connecting a little more with our spirituality. After a lone full on the emotional water sign Cancer on January 6, 2023, … Read more

The Valenti Company brings the “A Notte de Natà” to its Treia

3′ of reading 02/01/2023 – Back on stage in Treia (two dates) the show ‘A Notte de Natà’ by the Compagnia Valenti directed by Francesco Facciolli. It is a work that takes its cue and content from the sacred and profane tradition of Christmas, the popular tradition, in which Giovanni Ginobili excelled, for having collected … Read more

Burgos brings together art, culture, magic, traditions and technology in its Christmas 2022 program

Art, culture, traditions and technology have a place in the 2022 Christmas program of the Burgos City Council, and turns the city into a “showcase”, with the “active” participation of local artistic creators (musicians, actors, sculptors, singers, dance groups…), who share the stage with other artists from abroad. This is how the Burgos City Council … Read more

“Thanks to Emancipation I understood the suffering that brings us to meet God”

From Los Angeles Emancipation, the film available on Apple TV+ starring Will Smith (excluded from yesterday’s Golden Globes nominations) seems like the right project to make him atone for the unacceptable behavior he held at the Oscar ceremony when, after an unfortunate joke against his wife, the actor slapped colleague Chris Rock. Directed by Antoine … Read more

What brings suffering and what brings happiness? Some reflections on spiritual research

“We human beings often learn from challenges and suffering. So we have hard times ahead of us, but also the opportunity to awaken to the perception of a greater reality, to the power of awareness”. Asha Nayaswami, spiritual director of the community, told us Ananda of Palo Alto, California, during the conversation we had with … Read more

Frank Turón brings his “Nanoficciones” to the Fray Servando bookstore

Frank Turon is an actorbut as a poet he uses the pseudonym Humberto Rangel and as a playwright Paco Pater Comunitais, and his books are published independently and are the ones he will bring to Monterrey for a different presentation: audiovisual and interactive. The event will begin with an act of declamation of his book … Read more

With the film “The Letter”, the Laudato Si’ movement brings ecology to the world | RCF

The origins of a letter with international ambitions In May 2015, two years after his election, Pope Francis published Laudato Si’, hailed by many observers and recognized as a reference in terms of integral ecology. The first words of the encyclical are those of Saint Francis of Assisi. Very quickly, Laudato Si’ became the name … Read more

“The Digital Sisterhood”, a platform that brings together Muslim women of color

Tehran (IQNA)- The startup “The Digital Sisterhood” launched in 2020, has created a platform that brings together Muslim women of color who offer their experiences to other sisters. “The Digital Sisterhood” expresses their spiritual and artistic stakes, focusing on the beauty of Islam, and enabling relationships between black Muslim women. Since the launch of the … Read more