Bernardo Arellano and his reflection on faith in ‘El paraíso de la serpiente’

After a good time at festivals, the film reaches limited theaters on the art circuit snake’s paradise, a fable that makes an approach to spirituality, questioning the concepts of faith in a remote town in the desert, making a mixture between western and surreal overtones. In Chronicle Scenario we chatted with Bernardo Arellanofilmmaker who delved … Read more

The crucifixions as a reflection of spirituality

In the history of art, representations of the crucifixion have allowed Christians to appropriate theological reflections and their evolution. Today, the crucifixion remains an insurmountable symbol of human injustice. Interview with François Boespflug and Emanuela Fogliadini, art specialists. François Boespflug, former professor of the history of religions, specialist in the history of Christian art; and … Read more

International Forum for the Construction of Peace in Mexico, a space for reflection and analysis to advance in favor of peace


The commitment of the International Peacebuilding Forum in Mexico was to create bridges of dialogue between the different sectors of society to advance a joint peace agenda. By Noemi Otañez/ @NoemiOtanz / @Somoselmedio On October 25, at the “Daniel Zebadúa” Theater located in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, the “International Peacebuilding Forum in Mexico” … Read more

The Silence of God. Cardinal Ravasi’s Reflection on Evil and Hope


[ dell’Editore, 21.10.2022 – Elena Grazini] – The book was released in bookstores and also in e-book format God’s silence. Meditations on the mystery of evil and the courage of hope by Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi (TS Edizioni 2022, 204 pages[QUI]), a precious collection of meditations by the famous biblical scholar dedicated to the prophet Jeremiah, … Read more

Pamiers. At Carmel, a “Wonderful Journey” that encourages reflection on eternity

the essential Until October 22, Denis Darzacq exhibits his work in four rooms of the former Carmelite convent. Inaugurated this Thursday, September 15 at Carmel, the exhibition of contemporary artist Denis Darzacq takes us on a “Wonderful Journey”*. Denis Darzacq, what is the central idea of ​​your exhibition? I talk about my work, my energies. … Read more

The princes of Sambalpur, A book full of adventures, twists and surprises that invites reflection – The Pleasure of Reading


Extraordinarily opulent, the kingdom of Sambalpur, a small fief of the state of Orissa located in southwestern Bengal, is home to diamond mines and the beautiful Palace of the Sun. When Adhir Singh Sai, eldest son of the Maharajah and heir to the throne, is assassinated in Calcutta in the presence of Captain Sam Wyndham … Read more

“The human sciences are essential for reflection on abuse, the liturgy or the place of women”


In these difficult times, the Catholic Church places great hope in the Synod on Synodality. Many of us expect strong proposals and decisions for the future. But the fruits will be commensurate with our ability to imagine new ways of exchanging our experiences with respect for others, to progress in the expression of our ideas … Read more



The announcement was made by Mons. Ligorio, entrusting Don Antonio Savone with the “pastoral responsibility and the silent warning in favor of a youth that deserves more care and attention” The Metropolitan Archbishop of Potenza – Muro Lucano Monsignor Salvatore Ligorio has started in the diocese “a functional reorganization to respond to pastoral needs that … Read more

The HOAC summer courses conclude: “Reflection on the defense of decent work”


with the title Dreaming of decent work, building practices of communionthe Workers Brotherhood of Catholic Action (HOAC) has carried out, from August 1 to 7, a new edition of its Summer Courses, a space for deepening, dialogue and coexistence that has had more than 200 people between militants and sympathizers. For the last six years, … Read more