“Indian jeans”, a book to tell experiences of spirituality and globalization

With the collaboration of friends of the Rate groupthe Group Cohousing Ferrara has organized a series of meetings in which some contemporary writers will present their stories. Let’s start Friday 27 January 2023 at 6 pm in the via Ravenna 228 office:
Marcello Girone Daloli will present their book “Indian Jeans” and will talk about his two experiences in India: first eight months in an Ashram on the Himalayan slopes and then one hundred days in a jeans factory in Bangalore. From spirituality to globalization and vice versa.
(You need to BOOK, by sending a watshapp to 320.8622289 indicating the name and number of people). The initiative has the patronage of the Municipality of Ferrara.

THE BOARD – Among the shantytowns and dusty streets on the outskirts of Bangalore in India, there are factories where men and women in saris sew the latest jeans for western markets.
In one of these factories the author finds himself in the role of manager of the maintenance department of the machines experiencing unprecedented and dramatic managerial experience. The lack of trade union protection, days off, any right for the proletarians and the abuses by the workers, exasperated by overproduction, offer a scenario oblivious to respect for human dignity.

Manager for a hundred days, the author does his utmost to defeat the climate of arrogance, putting into practice the philosophy of liking the working environment in order to ensure better productivity. Courage in the unnerving context is the spirituality of the silent wisdom of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

From the story emerges the crude and convincing portrait of an “other” India which, on the one hand, anachronistically coexists with traditions and religiosity, on the other pays a high price for economic development which guarantees well-being for a few and work-slavery to many.
Author profile:

Marcello Girone Daloli worked in the world of advertising and television marketing between Milan, Barcelona and New York, where he studied marketing and management. The need for inner research and the love for the mountains push him to make a change in his life. He lives for eight months in the Himalayas and, returning to Italy, continues his research by integrating the study of philosophical-spiritual disciplines with journeys-pilgrimages on foot. From the Camino de Santiago de Compostela to Patagonia, from the Greek-Orthodox monastery to the jeans factory in India, from the Andes to Zimbabwe, from Russia to Cuba, from the Atlantic Ocean in cargo to the Atlas and the Sahara, he confronted himself with different customs and traditions by discovering the dynamism of its research path.

In 2006 he set up the Zimbabwe Dam-Emergency Project for water, food and pharmacological support at the St. Albert hospital in Zimbabwe. She tells it in schools, bookstores, libraries, municipalities and cultural centers in the biographical path “From marketing to solidarity”. In 2012 at the TedxCibeles international event in Madrid (video on www.help-zimbabwe.org).
Since 2012 he has coordinated study groups and a review of “meetings with applied spirituality” at the Ariostea Library in Ferrara, where he is also actively involved in integration into the school environment and in the recovery and redistribution of basic necessities.

In his travel diaries he highlights the spiritual values ​​of lived experiences and his new idea of ​​”globalization”. He has published two, for charity: Indian Jeans, written during his experience at a jeans factory in Bangalore and Atlantico in Cargo, during the ocean crossing on a cargo ship from Liverpool to New York.

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“Indian jeans”, a book to tell experiences of spirituality and globalization