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to close the 2022 with movies and activities that allow us to permeate other worlds and immerse ourselves in different stories, the Bogota Cinematheque Present your December agenda.

So with activities like Pop-80s Cycle, the purpose will be to lead us to other worlds. This particular cycle will allow us to return to the eighties through this exhibition that focuses on fantastic and science fiction cinema that will make viewers rethink the current world, the future of that time. This sample will bring a compilation of 10 exciting and nostalgic feature films.

In addition, the Colombian film program will bring titles such as Border of david david, rust of Juan Sebastian Mesa, wild mary of Liliana Sayuri Matsuyama Hoyos, savior of Cesar Heredia Y children of the wind of Philip Monroy. International premieres will screen aftersun of charlotte wells.

For the little ones the Children’s Strip will present Paw Patrol of Nickelodeon and in the Youth Strip, seouls Directed by David Moreau. In addition, the Strip Vive la Cinemateca will exhibit Sinú Afromomemories of death Y Afromomemories of the Caribbean: spirituality and death in Manuel Zapata Olivella by Peter Rondon Velez.

For the followers of the Local Stripthe program will be presented dystopian city which brings together five short films entitled Distortion, The last ones, Journey to the heart of the world, 5500 soles Y Santiago which were carried out in the towns of Chapinero, Santa Fe, Candelaria, Kennedy, Fontibón, Engativá, Suba, Teusaquillo, Antonio Nariño, Puente Aranda, San Cristóbal and Usme.

For its part, there will be a series of special functions where the public will be able to see goodbye to language of Jean-Luc Godardon the occasion of the Commemoration of his birth, Day With(out) Art 2022: Being and Belonging short film programTo commemorate World AIDS Day, From the gesture to the look, cinema about art in Colombiawinner of the Bogotá research grant a space for the arts and everyone is dying here by Ali Gardoki from the KUIR Bogotá – International Queer Art and Film Festival.

In addition, the Memory Strip will present Our voice of land, memory and future of Marta Rodríguez and Jorge Silva. The functions will have free access and some will have the presence of the director.

Similarly, the first Expanded Animation Season, led by the MediaLab of the Cinematheque, which is completing its training process around animation aimed at all audiences, will have videomapping and video installation workshops and the results exhibition of the 16mm Laboratory: writing with light and vibration in motion . This will be a space for experimentation for the production of images and sounds on film, magnetic and digital cinematographic supports that will be used in the staging of a performative work that will be exhibited at the Bogotá Cinematheque.

On the other hand, the exposure an uncertain pleasure, organized by the Cinemateca de Bogotá in association with the Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá continues until January 29 at the Galería de la Cinemateca. And until January 29, 2023 in Room E there will be the exhibition Encounters: Sarah Maldoror in Latin America and the Caribbean, which consists of an exhibition project focused on the audiovisual work of the filmmaker Sarah Maldoror. These exhibitions will have guided tours and mediations.

In addition, they continue Cinematheque Listening Clubs de Bogotá, a space in which a group of people are arranged to listen and appreciate episodes or podcast fragments. On this occasion they will be dedicated to series and videogames and will feature experts and podcasters, Juliana Abaúnza and Alejandro Cardona In the first session and in the second the guests will be Sara Trejos and Juan David Poveda.

Book in December at the Cinemateca de Bogotá | radionics