Not by chance, a pizza maker, Salvatore De Caro presents his book in Bracigliano.

On the occasion of the closing of the Bracigliano ChristmasL’Khorakhané Association, together with Consultation of the Associations of the Municipality of Braciglianopresents the book of Salvatore De Caro “Pizzaiolo not by chance” (D&P publishers). The appointment is scheduled for this evening, at 7 pm, at Palazzo De Simone. Not a simple meeting, but a real … Read more

Oscar Grullón: The maker of images and the builder of dreams

The film industry in capitalism has the purpose of profit, of the reproduction of capital and to strengthen the current social system, through the alienation of popular sectors, hiding social contradictions and reproducing false utopias. They allow exceptions for marketing interests, induced by the preferences of the public. At the end of the 1960s, young … Read more