Danza, meditación y yoga: actividades para gestionar emociones

Tan simples como poderosas, algunos ejercicios espirituales, tanto físicos como meditativos, potencian el bienestar corporal y mental de los más pequeños. Lo importante es que los niños disfruten del yoga y se lo pasen bien La palabra bienestar puede referirse a muchas actividades que incluyen un abanico enorme de posibilidades. Desde los placeres cotidianos de … Read more

From spirituality to productivity: has yoga changed posture?

Zineb Fahsi is a “critical” yoga teacher, and author of the book “Yoga, new spirit of capitalism” at Textuel. She also has a background in political science. For her essay, she analyzed and studied the ancestral, historical and oriental doctrines of yoga to arrive at this trajectory and this reflection. Yoga, today, would have become … Read more

COÍN | “Enrique Moya. La llave de la atención: Beneficios del yoga y la meditación en un mundo estresado”. Con Héctor Márquez

Martes, 9 de mayo de 2023 | 19.00 horas Entrada libre hasta completar aforo Coín – Antiguo Ayuntamiento de Coín (Plaza de la Alameda, 10)   La llave de la Atención es un concepto que nos propone un entendimiento claro, pero sencillo y conciso de la experiencia humana. Esta llave nos hace focalizarnos e implicarnos … Read more

What types of yoga to practice according to my desires?

Verified on 01/26/2023 by PasseportSanté Relaxation, relaxation, muscle strengthening, alignment, maintenance, cardio, spirituality, meditation… Yoga can be a bit of all of these things at the same time, because it has the great advantage of existing in many forms. Some practices are even the opposite of each other. Something to adapt to your moods, your … Read more

“A trip to India of flesh and blood”, a country that is much more than yoga and Ayurveda

The Argentine traveler Fernando Duclós, known online as Periodistán, published his new book, “A flesh and blood trip to India”, in which he recounts the five months he spent in that “subcontinent” where 1.4 billion people live. people in a territory not much larger than Argentina. In line with his previous book in which he … Read more

Yoga and Spirituality: a daily practice with Yogafirejo

Joanna, yoga teacher and author, talks to us about yoga, spirituality and postures. Many people practice yoga for what it does for the body. However, few are those who study the spiritual aspect of this practice. A practice that has a lot to offer us in this fast-paced world. What if, beyond religions, the spirituality … Read more

George Harrison’s widow wants to build a yoga studio on the grounds of their mansion

Olivia Harrisonto the century Olivia Trinidad Ariaswidow of George Harrison, she applied to build a yoga studio on the grounds of the villa she shared with her husband. Olivia was George’s second wife (after Pattie Boyd) and mother of his only child Dhani Olivia and Dhani have been very determined in preserving George’s legacy. The … Read more

Paolo Fox’s 2023 horoscope: «It will be the year of spirituality (and yoga). Pisces and Taurus win in love»

Of Candida Morvillo 2023 according to the astrologer Paolo Fox: «Saturn is against (but it’s not bad news). From February Aries must focus on love. It’s time for revenge for Leo. Successes at work for Aquarius in May» Paolo Fox, what the astrologer predicts: what year will 2023 be? «Of austerity, a return to the … Read more

Shock over the death of Luana Hervier, renowned influencer of yoga and healthy living

Luana Hervier was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil. She arrived in the country when she was just seven years old (@luanahervier) Luana Hervier’s instagram account has 118 thousand followers. The description says by title “Yoya, development of the own heart” and breaks down “online and face-to-face yoga classes, Yoga teacher trainer, deep healing therapist, health … Read more