Paolo Fox’s 2023 horoscope: «It will be the year of spirituality (and yoga). Pisces and Taurus win in love»

Of Candida Morvillo

2023 according to the astrologer Paolo Fox: «Saturn is against (but it’s not bad news). From February Aries must focus on love. It’s time for revenge for Leo. Successes at work for Aquarius in May»

Paolo Fox, what the astrologer predicts: what year will 2023 be?
«Of austerity, a return to the rules, rigor, tradition, land: a conservative year».

It seems the response of the elections, rather than the horoscope.
«Two transits are very important: in mid-May, Jupiter, planet of expansion, enters Taurus, a sign of tradition, and stays there for a couple of years; in March, Saturn, planet of duty and protector of agricultural land and the environment, enters Pisces for a year, a sign that is also conservative. We will feel the desire for a simpler life less addicted to consumption, to leave the cities for the villages, to cultivate a vegetable garden».

And rigor and austerity would be attributable not only to war but to planets?
«To Jupiter in an earth sign and to Saturn the bearer of rules that enters the sign of mysticism, which expresses a search for spirituality: many will need to believe in something, to detach themselves from a reality they don’t like and explore religions, philosophies, disciplines also made of precepts. Many will embrace faith or do yoga. It is also a new, positive, search for an ethic. However, given that Pisces tends to take refuge in dreams, those who are less aware could throw themselves into virtual relationships or into the metaverse… Naturally, what happens is subjective, mine are not predictions, but indications».

In practice, does it indicate a “spirit of the times” to be supported?
“Exactly. We come from two years of Saturn in Aquarius, made of confusion because we had the planet of duty in the sign of freedom and rebellion. Now, however, whoever sets and follows more rules will win, even those who respect those to limit the return of a pandemic. And it is likely a more reassuring year and one of greater awareness ».

Who will Saturn have against in 2023?
«Here, however, we enter the astrology of the signs».

Let’s go into it.
«First of all, Saturn in opposition does not mean a lousy year, as is believed, but having to pass a test, cut dry branches or not. For example, Saturn will be opposite Virgo, who will have to decide in the spring whether to renew a contract or agreement on terms she doesn’t like. But then, from May, she will have Jupiter favorable, so she falls on her feet. The horoscope, fortunately, is made up of ten planets. Another sign with nervous Saturn is that of Gemini, called upon to decide whether to interrupt projects or to resolve a reputation problem born in 2022. With Virgo and Gemini, Sagittarius also suffers: at work, the second part of the year can be confusing : being always on the hunt for new experiences, he could risk making changes that are not advisable».

Who gets the most favor from the stars?
“To Pisces. They will have both Saturn and Jupiter on their side. They will react more decisively to trials of fate. Those who have suffered a separation or been ill recover well. Thanks to a beautiful Venus from May 7, Pisces will be able to get married, have a child. At work, proposals arrive, especially in the second half of the year. Another very strong sign is Taurus: after five years of thinking, finally, he can realize what he has in mind. Since Jupiter arrives in mid-May, everything is possible for him. And her July will be interesting for feelings ».

Starting from the beginning of the Zodiac: Aries?
«It will be a good 2023: by May, those with legal or financial problems will have to face them and will be able to win and, later, earn. Between late February and early March, it’s an interesting time for love. It works like this: the stars indicate a potential and we should use the best times to act and the worst to stand by. For example, Cancer begins to see the light of dawn in mid-May. If in 2022 it was not appreciated as it deserved, in the summer, with Jupiter and Saturn in favor, it can work to be rewarded”.

Jupiter and Saturn always have something to do with it.
“This year, Jupiter splits the year in two. Leo, if he thinks that some things have been unsuccessful in 2022, has the first few months to make up for it, provided he overcomes his tendency to get stubborn and mute his goal. I wouldn’t be surprised if a student changed faculty or a professional changed company. Afterwards, he will instead have to proceed cautiously, one step at a time. He will then have Venus on his side from June 5th to October 9th, a very long transit that hasn’t happened for years ».

Another sign that it’s off to a good start?
«The first few months are the best for Scorpios, in terms of feelings and if they have winning ideas at work. After June, however, the stars advise not to leave the certain for the uncertain. Aquarius is also off to a good start: from February to mid-March, Mars supports the professional image in view of the successes that will develop in May. While, in autumn, it will be better not to tempt fate. And summer will be a testing ground for love».

A sign that it doesn’t start very well but recovers?
«First of all, Libra must recover physical strength, rediscover serenity and eliminate the fear of falling back into difficult situations, which makes itself felt until May 16, due to Jupiter’s opposition. Between June and August, the sky returns favorable and the first thing to do is rebuild friendships and alliances. Then, it takes the lead again. Capricorn has a beautiful sky in late spring, but first experiences tension and envy. More than anything, he who always thinks he does everything by himself, has to surround himself with good people».

In your book “L’Oroscopo 2023”, published by Cairo, there are also predictions for all the couples of the Zodiac: are they valid only for love or also for business partnerships? And what are the winning combinations?
«They also apply to everything, even if they count more for feelings, because with a partner you don’t have to sleep at night. The best matched pairs will be: Pisces and Taurus; Taurus and Cancer especially from May onwards; Virgo and Capricorn; Taurus and Taurus. The most tired: Taurus and Libra, especially at the beginning of the year; Gemini and Pisces; Sagittarius and Pisces; Scorpio and Aries”.

Can you close with a beautiful trend of 2023?
“In the spirit of returning to tradition, I expect people to seek more solid romantic relationships, with an increase in cohabitations, civil unions and marriages.”

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Paolo Fox’s 2023 horoscope: «It will be the year of spirituality (and yoga). Pisces and Taurus win in love»