Lou de Laâge in “You will choose life”: “I am in the present, in the concrete”

Marie Deshayes: How did you come to this project? Lou de Laage: I did not know Stéphane Freiss before he offered me this role of a young Orthodox Jewish woman who is going to refuse the taboos. This intimate and personal film is his wink, his homage to his mother. The story of my character … Read more

Why we always choose the same type of partner

The couples they form follow each other and resemble each other. They always fall on the same psychological profile, even if it means suffering from it. Why do their romantic choices seem predetermined? And how to get out of this repetition syndrome? At 31, Eva only falls in love with “absent subscribers, long-distance travelers or … Read more

Personality Test: Choose a Nordic Rune and find out how your week will be

Personality tests are a very entertaining way that helps us discover how we are at a given moment. determined, this makes us connect with ourselves, which gives them an attractive look that quickly makes them viral on the Internet. To this is added the opportunity to receive a personalized message, which makes them become valuable … Read more

Going to Japan: for which period to choose?

To display Hide the table of contents When to go to Japan? Japan is a country very rich in culture, history and many mysteries fascinating. Nature, architecture and contrast between modernity and age-old traditions, many reasons push a large number of tourists each year to discover this mysterious archipelago. In recent years, the country has … Read more

Chromotherapy, choose the right shade of the sofa according to the environment

The sofa, like the armchair, is an important piece of furniture for a home. It offers comfort, from a purely functional point of view, but also style. Each shade can be associated with a space, based on the precise sensation that the environment must communicate. Here’s what you need to know before buying such an … Read more

In churches, “you have to choose your repertoire carefully”, assures Voulzy

He has already performed in the abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel, at the basilica of Saint-Denis, at the church of Saint-Sulpice in Paris. He gave a concert for Notre-Dame-de-Paris cathedral. Laurent Voulzy and the churches is a love story that has lasted for years, with already more than 200 concerts in religious buildings. At the invitation of … Read more

ability to choose

After a long time of devotions only in faith organizations, the research carried out in the world in the last 20 years already has the effect of applying transcendental principles to the business field, specifically, spiritual intelligence. It is already a scientific concept, treated by the main universities in the United States and the world … Read more