“A trip to India of flesh and blood”, a country that is much more than yoga and Ayurveda

The Argentine traveler Fernando Duclós, known online as Periodistán, published his new book, “A flesh and blood trip to India”, in which he recounts the five months he spent in that “subcontinent” where 1.4 billion people live. people in a territory not much larger than Argentina. In line with his previous book in which he … Read more

Nîmes / Uzès: Joël Alessandra offers Marijah Bac Cam a roadmap to the country of origins

Joël Alessandra publishes the graphic novel “Taï Dam, traversing the Mekong”, evoking the return to Vietnam of his partner Marijah Bac Cam. He is signing his album on Friday, December 2 at the Aux Lettres de Mon Moulin bookstore in Nîmes, then Thursday, December 8 at the Place aux Herbes bookstore in Uzès. For the … Read more

“Emily Dickinson’s poetry is offered as a walk in the country”

The Casa de la Poesía Juan de la Cruz, a forum created to fully enjoy and share quality poetry in which some or a lot of spirituality shines, hosted this Tuesday the presentation of the book Herbario & Botanical Anthology, a selection of poems by Emily Dickinson translated again for the occasion and accompanied by … Read more

Bhutan, a fashionable unknown country in Extremadura

The president of the Assembly of Extremadura, Blanca Martin, louis salaya, mayor of Cáceres, and Pink Bulletsdirector of external action of the Extremadura jointthey find each other official trip in Bhutana visit promoted by the Lumbini Garden Foundation as part of the collaboration of Extremaduran institutions with Buddhist institutions in Asia for the construction of … Read more

The shaman Van De Sfroos in Belluno: “I sing a return to the roots of the country”

There is excitement for the return of Davide Van De Sfroos to the city. The singer-songwriter from Como will be on the stage of the Teatro Comunale on Saturday at 9 pm, for the first lucky appointment of “Words and thoughts” (also included in the billboard of “Belluno Città del Legno”): already over 500 tickets … Read more

“The kings of the world” arrived at the cinemas of the country

This Thursday, the film “The Kings of the World”, by director Laura Mora, was premiered in Colombia, starring natural actors Andrés Castañeda, Cristian Camilo Mora (also known as Tom), Davison Flores, Brahian Steven Acevedo and Cristian Campaña. It is the story behind the protagonists of the film, selected to represent Colombia at the Oscars, after … Read more

Best Cult Documentaries From Heaven’s Gate To Wild Wild Country

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to establishing a cult. Some of them are basically drug-fueled “free love” parties that go on for years. Others are single ultra-conservative communes filled with people detached from the modern world. Some teach salvation, others fear the apocalypse. Whatever the specific principles of a cult, … Read more

The Basque Country, fertile ground for the controversial Alliance of United Hearts

The mystic chained the visions in the 2010s. She would have kissed Jesus. And Jesus would have announced to him “other Vendée”… among others… The mystic chained the visions in the 2010s. She would have kissed Jesus. And Jesus would have announced to him “other Vendée” … among other feats of arms likely to bring … Read more

Fucacoste, the event of tradition returns to Orsara di Puglia. In the last 10 years, 250 thousand people in the country

Building a digital archive that you tell the world on November 1st in Orsarese, the great and mysterious night of the “Fucacoste e cocce priatorje” (Bonfire and anthropomorphic pumpkins), and do so by calling together photographers, videomakers, creatives of sound and digital image through a tender that offers an opportunity for 4 artists, one for … Read more

Basque Country: “pastoral care unites us for life”

Arnaud Aguergaray There is no pastoral theory. Postoral is based on the living and pragmatic transmission of an ancestral custom. A transmission that renews itself. The origin is traced back to the mysteries (theatrical representations of a religious fact – editor’s note) of the Middle Ages. I don’t believe in it very much. There was … Read more