What types of yoga to practice according to my desires?

Verified on 01/26/2023 by PasseportSanté Relaxation, relaxation, muscle strengthening, alignment, maintenance, cardio, spirituality, meditation… Yoga can be a bit of all of these things at the same time, because it has the great advantage of existing in many forms. Some practices are even the opposite of each other. Something to adapt to your moods, your … Read more

Yoga and Spirituality: a daily practice with Yogafirejo

Joanna, yoga teacher and author, talks to us about yoga, spirituality and postures. Many people practice yoga for what it does for the body. However, few are those who study the spiritual aspect of this practice. A practice that has a lot to offer us in this fast-paced world. What if, beyond religions, the spirituality … Read more

MotoGP Malaysia, where to see free practice, qualifying and the race on TV: the times

Of In Australia Pecco Bagnaia and Ducati took the lead in the world championship. In Sepang, Malaysia, they aim to keep Quartararo’s Yamaha at a distance The MotoGP is back on track immediately. After the race at Phillip Island — won by Rins, but who has above all given the overtaking of Pecco Bagnaia at … Read more

Gabriel Ringlet: ‘I would like priests to dress like everyone else, to practice a profession like everyone else’

Priest, chaplain, journalist, professor, theologian, writer… Gabriel Ringlet has already taken many paths. He came out of it, too, to go beyond the beacons. For more than 50 years, he has shared his faith differently. This Saturday again, his Christmas celebration in Louvain-la-Neuve with actor Sam Touzani, ethnic Muslim and atheist, was sold out. Reformist … Read more

Zen view of the world: “Spiritual recollection is not an individual practice aimed at personal development”

In November, the streets of Kyoto, the former imperial capital of Japan, are covered with maple leaves. SHOSEI / AFLO / PHOTONONSTOP French Clément Sans recently became a Zen monk, ordered under the name of Tozan (“the mountain of the peach tree”). Each month, he sends us a letter that shares with us his reflections … Read more

Living without eating and drinking: breatharianism, the worrying practice that is rising

Booming, breatharianism, halfway between meditation, fasting and yoga, is today one of the most powerful conduits leading to sectarian aberrations. A label that does not discourage its followers. Between existential fatigue, anxiety about the future and decline of traditional religionsthe era signs the New Age comeback, shamanism and alternative medicine. Among the anthology of decried … Read more

Meditation: definition, different types, benefits, meditation in practice

Published on 05/11/2022 at 00:01 Updated 05/11/2022 at 00:01 in collaboration with Catherine Muzellec (psychomotrician and mindfulness meditation instructor) A thousand-year-old Eastern tradition, meditation comes in many variations, and has been a real craze in the West for several decades. What are the different types? What are its benefits ? How to practice it? What … Read more

The forum that put all the religions on the planet to speak and laid the foundations of the yoga that you practice

On May 1, 1893, the World Columbian Exposition in Chicagoa world fair that, over the next six months (until October 30) would bring together all kinds of events in the US capital, predominantly those dealing with new inventions, prototypes and products that were intended to be launched on the market, as well as attractions, shows … Read more