Psychedelic therapy: a trip that requires an experienced guide

Trainees also learn to facilitate the process of integration in which patients incorporate into their daily lives what they thought and felt during their psychedelic journey. Again, conventional therapists may find themselves in uncharted territory. “In psilocybin trials, people are reported to have had mystical experiences. Usually, talking about it doesn’t necessarily fit into psychotherapy,” … Read more

The UMA Cultural Container proposes a trip around the world in April without leaving the Teatinos Campus

There will be sessions every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, as well as extra courses and workshops MALAGA, 12 (EUROPA PRESS) The Cultural Container of the University of Malaga (UMA) has reserved the month of April to travel the world in a metaphorical way with culture as a means of transportation, through a program full of … Read more

“A trip to India of flesh and blood”, a country that is much more than yoga and Ayurveda

The Argentine traveler Fernando Duclós, known online as Periodistán, published his new book, “A flesh and blood trip to India”, in which he recounts the five months he spent in that “subcontinent” where 1.4 billion people live. people in a territory not much larger than Argentina. In line with his previous book in which he … Read more


In all ages of civilization, the rich, the well-to-do, went around the wide world. The Greeks went to Egypt, the Romans went on pilgrimage to Greece to acquire knowledge that would remove their hair from the pasture. But here in time, the English, owners of half the planet, toured southern Europe, especially Italy and a … Read more

CentroCentro hosts a trip to the Catalan underground of the 70s

From Thursday, October 20, CentroCentro, a space of the Department of Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Madrid City Council, opens Underground and counterculture in the Catalonia of the 70s to the public, an exhibition that offers an exhaustive look at the protagonists and the movements social and cultural aspects of a transcendental era. The … Read more

A trip to hell: Paul Walker in the fake remake of Spielberg’s Duel

Before riding mechanics in Fast & Furious, Paul Walker lost face and the steering wheel in A trip to hella tense road-trip produced by JJ Abrams. Anyone who grew up in the 1990s couldn’t escape the phenomenon of neo-slashers, these post-modern horror films quoting Halloween, the night of the masks and others Friday 13 as … Read more

The Camino de Santiago: an alternative school trip full of culture, art and religion

Like every year, with the beginning of the school year, there are many educational centers that are already looking for a end of year trip for their students, especially for those who have finished a cycle (Primary, ESO or Baccalaureate). Despite the fact that destinations with a coast and “sun and beach” tourism are becoming … Read more

Messner on a trip to the sacred mountains around the world

A new book by Reinhold Messner has just been released, written together with the German historian Ralf-Peter Martin, entitled “The Mountains of the Gods. Journey to the sacred mountains around the world ”(Corbaccio publisher). In this volume, accompanied by splendid photos, Messner recounts his pilgrimages to the mountains considered sacred by the various religions of … Read more