Paolo Fox’s 2023 horoscope: «It will be the year of spirituality (and yoga). Pisces and Taurus win in love»

Of Candida Morvillo 2023 according to the astrologer Paolo Fox: «Saturn is against (but it’s not bad news). From February Aries must focus on love. It’s time for revenge for Leo. Successes at work for Aquarius in May» Paolo Fox, what the astrologer predicts: what year will 2023 be? «Of austerity, a return to the … Read more

Koulibaly: ‘Better to win with Senegal than to be world champion with France’

Koulibaly and ‘global’ memories Koulibaly is truly a raging river: “I remember we played this match with my friends before the quarterfinals. We lost to the Turks and it looked like someone died. We argued among ourselves for making mistakes, we held back tears, we collapsed on the ground. In our world, a group of … Read more

New altar, emotion and amazement win: “Beautiful, current, faithful”

CREMONA – «We who have dared to say faith in our language“. The only implicit but clear reference of the Bishop is all in a sentence of ten words Antonio Napolioni to the controversies and perplexities that had accompanied the first computer-processed images of the new presbytery of the Cathedral, and which – even in … Read more

CONTEST: Win the new album by Matthis Pascaud & Hugh Coltman

Rolling Stone invites you to win your entries for the next edition of the MaMA Music & Convention. From October 12 to 14, the MaMA event is held in the Pigalle district (Paris), both a festival and a musical convention. Professionals and music enthusiasts will meet there for conferences, workshops and debates, but also for … Read more

Religious publishing in the midst of a makeover to win over young people

(ETX Daily Up) – It’s a fact: Christianity is no longer popular with people under 35. Faced with this observation, publishers in the religious sector are innovating by offering books on faith that are more up-to-date. The goal: to evangelize young people dechristianized, but still in search of spirituality. For several years now, Christianity has … Read more

Win your classical concert tickets for the Rocamadour Festival

the essential The 17th edition of the Rocamadour Festival will take place from August 15 to 26. and the Rocamadour Festival invite you to play to win your tickets for one of these four prestigious concerts at the foot of the city of Rocamadour. Discoveries, exoduses, pilgrimages, these migrations mark humanity from its beginnings. … Read more