Lénine Renaud or the art of putting painting to music

“The Night Watch”, “The Fall of the Damned”, “The Origin of the World”, “The Old Women”. In “Le Petit Musée”, the group’s fourth album led by Franck Vandecasteele of Marcel and his orchestra and Cyril Delmote of VRP, Lénine Renaud gives paintings to listen to. They present their new show on Tuesday evening in Mons-en-Baroeul. … Read more

Meditate on the Epiphany with a painting visible in the Church of Saint

This monumental composition (4.1m x 3.2m) delivers, in a very ornate style, a reading of the story appearing in a few verses in the Gospel according to Saint Matthew (2, 9-11) After hearing the king, [les mages] left. And behold, the star which they had seen in the east preceded them, until it came … Read more

Paco Llonis: “My painting is mine with all its mistakes and all its successes”.

Paco Llonis, one of the most important artists making scrolls, with designs of such a style that they are highly valued throughout our autonomous community, without forgetting the decoration of altarpieces, chapels… and paintings, paintings and drawings. A most endearing guy, cordial, kind, humble, smiling, helpful, friendly… Good people. I ran into him with her … Read more

The weekend exhibitions: from Somaini to 18th century Venetian painting. At the Royal Palace of Caserta, history of gardens from the Renaissance to the 19th century

Venetian painting of the 18th century in Trentino and the history of gardens from the Renaissance to the 19th century, and then an excursus into the creative path of Francesco Somaini: these are some of the monsters that are enough for the month of July.TRENTO – “The colors of the Serenissima. Venetian painting of the … Read more