The Rangers rediscover and celebrate the Epiphany Octave

As announced by the Provincial Manager and Vice President Marco Sossai, the Rangers of the “Volunteers of Europe”, after a positive start to the 2023 New Year’s Eve in Caorle (VE), provided environmental protection services aimed at prevention activities and the Police of proximity during the “Panevin” for the celebrations of the Epiphany. The sites … Read more

Meditate on the Epiphany with a painting visible in the Church of Saint

This monumental composition (4.1m x 3.2m) delivers, in a very ornate style, a reading of the story appearing in a few verses in the Gospel according to Saint Matthew (2, 9-11) After hearing the king, [les mages] left. And behold, the star which they had seen in the east preceded them, until it came … Read more

Epiphany: Solemnity that invites to show the face of Jesus in the one who suffers | Episcopal Conference of Colombia

Sun 1 Jan 2023 The Pope: Responsibility and compassion in the face of the tragedy of war At the Angelus on the first day of the new year, Francis renewed the invocation of Mary’s intercession for peace, and “for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI”, a faithful servant of the Gospel and of the Church. He again … Read more

Appignano, on Epiphany day the show “A notte de Natà”

Appignano celebrates the Epiphany with the show “At Christmas night” of the Valenti Company of Treia, Friday 6 January at 4.30 pm in the Church of Jesus the Redeemer with free admission. “We wanted to offer our community a brilliant show, where the sacred tradition of Christmas is staged with the elements of the present … Read more

Long weekend of Epiphany 2023 in Naples: many events for young and old

A White Night of music and entertainment in the Rione Sanità, Enzo Avitabile in a free concert to close the event Sacred Souththe Befana Village – Stocking and Toy Fair in Piazza Mercato, free admission and shows at Edenlandia, the great Befana festival with workshops and science show in Città della Scienza, the Ferraiolo family … Read more

Appignano celebrates the Epiphany with the show “A notte de Natà”

THEATER – The appointment, free admission, Friday 6 January at 4.30 pm in the church of Gesù Redentore 4 January 2023 – 12:27 – loading readings Appignano celebrates the Epiphany with the show “A notte de Natà” by the Compagnia Valenti of Treia, on Friday 6 January at 4.30 pm in the Church of Jesus … Read more

What is the Epiphany of the Lord, when and how is it celebrated?

After Christmas, in which the birth of Jesus, the Child God, is celebrated, the Epiphany of the Lord either Epiphany of Kings, as one of the most relevant episodes for the Catholic religion. What is that period, when is it celebrated and how many days does it last? The word “Epiphany“comes from the Greek Epiphany, … Read more