To see on TV! A list of series that make mental health visible

The film industry and television are —in addition to entertainment— dissemination tools to make certain issues visible. Now a trend is to use them to address mental health and represent the lives of people who suffer from mental disorders, which are not few. The WHO reported that, until last year, one in eight people suffered … Read more

Meditate on the Epiphany with a painting visible in the Church of Saint

This monumental composition (4.1m x 3.2m) delivers, in a very ornate style, a reading of the story appearing in a few verses in the Gospel according to Saint Matthew (2, 9-11) After hearing the king, [les mages] left. And behold, the star which they had seen in the east preceded them, until it came … Read more

The Archbishop to permanent deacons: “Be the visible link between the altar and the square”

A service that has the value of a grace for the Church: so Monsignor Delpini in the reflection held at the diocesan assembly which celebrated the 35th anniversary of the start of the institute in the Diocese The Archbishop’s reflection by Annamaria Braccini Training day On November 12, the eve of the first Sunday of … Read more

It is urgent to make visible the historical contributions of black and mestizo women

Participants in the virtual session proposed interweaving life stories as a common thread to reflect on Afro-Caribbean maroon aesthetics. Dixie Edit – Red Semlac.- The contribution of black and mestizo women to history, culture and the production of scientific and intellectual knowledge in Cuba has yet to be studied and made visible, speakers agreed at … Read more